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Friends only. Comment to be added. Of course, it would be a good idea to read my profile first and make sure we have a few things in common. If you're still thinking we'd be a good match, chances are I would agree, so, let me hear about you here. :)

Fandom-only and meme-only posts are mostly kept public. If you're looking for my polls and/or thoughts on Heroes, feel free to browse my tags.

Also, I won't make a big announcement if and when I de-friend journals, so, if I've cut you, know I've been thinking for some time that we haven't been able to successfully connect. I've been finding myself unable to relate to, or feel truly involved in the things you've been writing about. It's not personal; we just haven't been doing a good job of getting to know each other, and I can honestly say I don't as of now have much of an idea who you are. If you would like to put forth any reason why you think we should just try harder, I am absolutely open to such appeals - let me know in a comment. If, on the contrary, you agree that this is a good call, just know it's been fun interacting with you the times that we did, and there are no hard feelings whatsoever on my end. Best wishes in current and future endeavors, and maybe I'll see you around. :)

A note to friends old and new:

    Two Three Things You Should Know

  1. I'm really bad at 'commentsations' (otherwise known as comment conversations). That is to say, I usually reply to every comment left on my journal once and comment on my friends' entries as I see fit, but I'm not very good at replying to replies to replies (...). If I happen to suddenly drop out of a commentsation, don't take it personally - I'm just socially handicapped that way. ;)

  2. I can't, and likely won't, read all of your fanfic. :/ My current fandoms are so prolific right now, it is absolutely unthinkable. Don't take offense if I overlook your work, and if you really would like me to have a look when I have a spare moment, don't hesitate to link me specifically.

  3. I have a slight tendency to overuse smileys. ;}
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