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4x01-2: Orientation / Jump, Push, Fall

I'm trying out a new and simpler format for my reviews this year (say hi to the big fonts, lol). Helps with the ~emoshunal distance~ thing I've been meaning to keep. Here goes nothing!


n/a, heh.

I guess the previews desensitized me or something.

Nathanites Never Say Die
Wtf happened to the body anywayz?!??!

The foreshadowing is so heavy-handed, lmao. Sigh. This whole situation still sucks. DNW Sylar's judgment (of all people's) on how Nathan led his life. "I'm gonna be a better me." DIAF! Please DIAF before I really see the Nathan in you and start to hope he sticks around long-term.

Whaddyamean, too late?


Anyway, Pasdar rules. I loved those power discovery/experimenting scenes. Nathan's shock and surprise, Sylar's eagerness and frustration. And it's been a while since we got a glimpse of Sylar on the show, you know.

Mohinder Watch
Have you seen a sexy geneticist?

Momologues? None.
Seconds of airtime: 0
Name checks: 1

And then Peter traded in his power, so I can only see those name checks taking a nosedive. (My only hope is that Sendhil still got paid his full fee.)

Okay, cool.
(I begrudgingly liked this...)

Mad props to Cris Rose in that first scene alone. I have justifiably doubted Angela's love for her children time and time again, but her whole FACE after talking to Noah was incredibly expressive and heartwrenching.

Samuel seems interesting. Robert Knepper also did a great job asserting his character. Talk about gravitas, goddamn. And I loved the scene between Samuel and Hiro.

Peter and Ray Park (character's name?) fighting was also a pretty nifty scene! Good job on the VFX, show.

I'm so glad Hiro can once more time travel. It means his "Fugitives" storyline makes even less sense, but I don't even care. He's a time-traveler, damnit! And so it should be. \o/

Hesam is back! That is just awesome.

For all the fail that is Matt's "seeing Sylar" nonsense (I don't buy any of that "something got into me" crap), I'm glad at least his head!ZacharyQuinto is hitting where it really hurts, stuff Sylar never knew about, thus reinforcing the idea that he's a total Matt-made hallucination. Come on, Sylar would tease about Mohinder and Molly. Now watch as the next episode contradicts this beyond any ~reasonable~ doubt.

Peter is endearing in his endeavors to save all of those people - the newspaper clippings on the wall, guh, can we say 'reason for living'? <\3 But what about "this is a family," what about never cutting out those who matter most to him? <\3 <\3 I guess Peter will have to be my favorite now..

The Claire stuff was decent as well. I hope she gets to stay in college. And Gracie Sheffield did not bug as much as I expected!

I call shenanigans!
(... but let me tell you how you still suck.)

The opening scene was okay in my book, though I utterly despise the editors' persistence to milk past and future scenes to recall fondness and fabricate suspense. Cheapest trick ever and I'm really tired of it. The days of Season One are clearly long gone, and no amount of dirty Sasan-haired ZQ tumbling out of the grave ~woods~ is going to distract enough. It's a shame because aside this fuckery, that sequence was just the right amount of intriguing.

I think the whole tattoo thing is a load of bullshit and I will never be able to take it seriously. I couldn't say why specifically, but I'm guessing it might just be on that side of too-ridic-even-for-me. What's wrong with a good ol' ~standard~ precog? Also, they need to settle on a power for Samuel and stick to it. Does he move earth? Does he have the power of ~oooh magickal tattooz!~? Does he have telekinesis? Those are not enticing questions, just the kind that make me wonder if anyone has any idea where the whole thing is going.

I tried, I honestly tried, but where the writers would have us/Matt see Sylar, I only see Zachary Quinto Acting. They've just perverted the character so far from what he was, it's like separate entities. Lucky for them, Zachary Quinto is very entertaining in his Mean Lulzy Bitch routine, but I really can't believe anyone genuinely enjoys Sylar for anything but the lulz at this point. (Which is fine and all, but kind of sad at the same time.)

And my final complaint is OH GODS THE EXPOSITION-Y DIALOGUE! SOMEBODY MAKE IT STOP! I feel like sending Kring, Armus and Foster to detention and have them copy 'Show, Don't Tell' 100 million times. Ugh.

Brain Crumbs
Scattered thoughts

When Annie kept yammering on about her brilliant future, Claire's look so read "I want to kill myself". But she can't. LOL.

"Who the hell are you?"
"You exactly who I am!"
Wat. Does nobody watch the dailies as they're filming the episodes? Because that's a whole load of fail right there. *headdesk*

I wonder how much that Kojin Sushi place paid to get featured so heavily in the show. Surely it cannot be that the production is running out of sets, riiiiight?

I'm withholding a verdict on the compass quest, but I hope it gets to the point where bringing back Danko just for this was a worthwhile investment. It just seems kind of random for now.

Hotass o' The Week
Half the reason I keep watching

Satan ~Nathan

Don't even act surprised. :P

HBIC o' The Week.
Head Bitch In Charge

I was gonna give it to Kimiko Nakamura based on the first half of the episode, but then she went into full-on Kimi-chan mode and lost her bitchy. Then Danko died, so, not so much in charge anymore. Idk, Samuel?

Ship o' The Week
lol romance?

PETER/HESAM FTW! Gods. I think it's because Hesam seems so, y'know, normal. I like it. Peter could use some more ~normal~ in his life. And Hesam's worrying about Peter! And Peter got him Boston clam chowder! (Which is so the new aphrodisiac, in case you didn't get the memo.) Also, they would make pretty babies.

And name them all 'Peter'.


Best line
I may or may not quote this irl

"Hey... Call your mother. ;)"

I'm gonna get so much contempt for this, but IT GAVE ME WARM FUZZIES. Except that Noah acting as a father figure to Peter (lololol is that me getting carried away?) kind of in a far-fetched way makes him Claire's figurative grandfather. Which makes me ship Angela/Noah all over again! Luuulz, this show! And luuulz, what I choose to read into the slightest things.

Most burning question?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *flails*

Why doesn't Angela just call THE HAITIAN?

It's not like he doesn't feel indebted to her (lawd knows why) and his contribution to Mission: Brainwash Danko just showcased the preciseness of his skill. If this were any other show, I'd presume this was by design, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

I liked this episode. I obviously have reservations about lots of stuff, but despite pre-existing lame plot points I actually enjoyed the show. We're definitely miles above the abyss of last season's premiere, and hopefully (I hate myself) it'll only get better from here.
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