I'm so late in replying to comments, it's not even funny. I apologize, and I'll get right on it.

The 4400 just got good again. (Well, almost.) Yay, Jordan! I want icons. I wrote fic. The fandom is so small. :(

It turns out, The Little Prince has been adapted on screen. Only musicals, animation movies and an opera, though. Which makes me not entirely wrong. :p

I'm watching House again. And again. I have so much love.
"Well, I don't want to say bad things about other doctors, especially useless drunks."
"You're addicted to pain killers."
"But I'm not useless."
Hee! XD
Thank goodness the season starts so soon. I've read detailed spoilers - should be pretty interesting, to say the least. Impatient, moi?

And wasn't this quite the pile of random and pointless? Am so very bored.
I read The Little Prince last night and cried my little eyes out. How, I ask you, how has that book never been made into a movie? Seeeeeeeriously. Of course, it wouldn't live up to the book in a million years, and be a crying shame, and how dare they cast so-and-so in it, and all that crap. I'm not complaining, it just surprises me a lot. Maybe the rights holders aren't willing to sell a deal, in which case, more power to them. It would certainly make for a fascinating adaptation experience, though.



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