Friends only. Comment to be added. Of course, it would be a good idea to read my profile first and make sure we have a few things in common. If you're still thinking we'd be a good match, chances are I would agree, so, let me hear about you here. :)

Fandom-only and meme-only posts are mostly kept public. If you're looking for my polls and/or thoughts on Heroes, feel free to browse my tags.

Also, I won't make a big announcement if and when I de-friend journals, so, if I've cut you, ) Best wishes in current and future endeavors, and maybe I'll see you around. :)

A note to friends old and new:

    Two Three Things You Should Know

  1. I'm really bad at 'commentsations' (otherwise known as comment conversations). That is to say, I usually reply to every comment left on my journal once and comment on my friends' entries as I see fit, but I'm not very good at replying to replies to replies (...). If I happen to suddenly drop out of a commentsation, don't take it personally - I'm just socially handicapped that way. ;)

  2. I can't, and likely won't, read all of your fanfic. :/ My current fandoms are so prolific right now, it is absolutely unthinkable. Don't take offense if I overlook your work, and if you really would like me to have a look when I have a spare moment, don't hesitate to link me specifically.

  3. I have a slight tendency to overuse smileys. ;}



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