Apr. 14th, 2011

I have squee'd about it at length on Twitter, but I would be remiss not to mention it in here as well: Hawaii Five-O!

Oh my gods, I can't even believe how much I love it already. I watched the first couple of episodes back when they started airing and then I probably got ~too busy~ to keep up and I fell behind. But now I just finished catching up last week, and yeah, OH MY GODS. I have come up with a bullet-y list of why we should ALL be watching this show.

- Kickass cast is freakin' kickass. I mean, I suppose Steve does have a lot of Gary-Stuesque qualities, but holy shit, son, this stuff is just so much fun to watch and root for! Really though, Steve's just the most prominent example because trust me; Kono, Danno, and Chin-Ho are all BAMF's in their own rights. Consistently.
- FUN. Fun, fun, fun! Partyin', partyin', yeah! This is a total, unabashed popcorn show brimming with action and comeuppances and crazy CRAZY shenanigans and other jubilatory treats. Amongst which is...
- The banter. It is SO DELIGHTFUL. The snark and the repartee and, underneath it all, the not-even-the-slightest-bit subverted friendship of Steve and Danny is a bottomless mine of gold.
- All of the main characters are being developed. They all have lives outside of Five-O that we get more or less expansive glimpses of. Always a plus, always leaves me wanting more. In a good way, I hasten to add!
- The camaraderie/team dynamics is already showing potential for, idek, THE WEST WING-scale greatness. I'm not even kidding, and some of you know I do not take that reference lightly. ;) To vaguely allude to something which I do not wish to spoil (heh), the whole gang gets themselves in a Serious Inextricable Predicament and just, the way they chose to stick together come what may was a thing of sheer beauty. *_*
- Obvious hotness. I mean, have you seen this cast? They do not always wear shirts. Just putting that out there. :p

- I am now a lot more nervous about ever visiting Hawaii because OH SHIT THE VIOLENT CRIME RATE. lolol.

In short: show is fucking awesome and everybody needs to give it a go! Then tell me how much you loved it. ;)

And now, my flailings on the latest episode. H50: 1x20 )

I am also very much open to icon(-maker) recommendations for this fandom, if anybody has any that they like.



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