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As for my thoughts on the episode, three words sum them up rather concisely: holy fucking shit! :D And now, have some more spazzing, fangirling and capslocking all over the place!

Heroes, 2x09: Cautionary Tales

OMFG BENNETS! Way to break my heart. From the very first scene, too, with that heinous argument culminating in that heinous "I hate you." And! Ashley Crow rocks so, so hard at everything she does.

HRG and Mohinder broke me also. Even after lies and small betrayals, there is a trust there that's never entirely ruptured until Mohinder effectively sides with Bob's effort to kidnap Claire. It's in the text, and it's gorgeous and, again, it breaks my heart. Awesome scene in Bennet's car OMG! I adored some of the shooting angles here. That is filming genius, guys. <333 OMGGG teh first ~*~confrontation~*~!!!!1! The way they intercut the painting of Mohinder was excellent. Ooh, there is history between Elle and HRG! Haha, I was amused that Bennet smacked Mohinder on his broken nose! XD He's so badass omg, I love him. *fangirls* Anyway, I can't even talk about the fateful scene of doom. CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT. Suffice it to say, I cried. Damn. It was shot gorgeously, by the way, and I happen to be a big fan of artful slo-mo. No, really... Can't talk about it without tearing up again omgs.

Bob is so creepy. And getting creepier every week, I might add. *shudder* But damn if Tobolowsky doesn't bring the funny! His facial expressions and delivery are totally priceless on rather frequent occurances. I love that. But Bob is still a supercreepster.

LMAO, I also love how Elle is all over Mohinder. And Bob's eyeroll = lulz. And also, LOLZ @ Elle and her Slusho! making a big show of sucking on her straw... and all Mohinder cares to know is how many people she's killed. He likes the menfolk, Elle! Also regarding Mohinder, I think it's fair to say his leitmotiv has changed from "my father's research" to "I've gotta do what's right" and variations thereof. Boy is so confused! And yeah, most of his choices in these matters have been ill-advised (at best), but this is all so new to him and I do believe he is trying to do what's right. It pains me a bit when people are so quick to call him senseless. :x

Okay, moving on... to Matt! ♥ Hee hee, how cute with Molly! lolz "come back and finish your cereal." I was squealing with delight. Am totally crushing on Grunny, btw. Like, big time. Anyhows! Arthur Petrelli's name is now canon, thank you writers! "Like a disco?" LOLOL, I love Matt's captain. Interview with Angela = so made of win. Walking a fine line there, Parkman, are we? But it's interesting to see if and how he'll come to abuse this newfound ability in the near future. Guy needs to toughen up, mostly emotionally, so that's sure to bring forth some development in that area.

p.s. moar random lulz: LOLOL THE OLDER GEN CAN'T COUNT FOR CRAP!! XD In 1671, Adam wasn't aware of his power and probably much more aware of his own age. Say around 30, max. In the 1970s, he'd hardly be anywhere near 400.

OMG HIRO-KUN ;_; Awwwz, reunion with tôsan! <\3 That goodbye on the Deveaux rooftop was heartwrenching! Hiro-kun! Talking to a frozen Ando-kun, even! And his FACE when his saw Adam's! <\3 That's a lotsa <\3 right there. Random lolz: lol gratuitous close-up of nekkid statue. How freaking cute was his exchange with his 7-year-old self? Beyond adorable, I would say! And the ending speech/montage was really great, also.

Thank goodness for the very last scene but omfg NBC promo department, I HATE YOU LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. *shakes fist at them* I said I'd stop watching their damn previews because they always give away HUGE spoilers, like the shot of HRG's face after he's been resurrected. Be thankful if you missed that. In the fateful scene of doom, even though I was in full-on panic mode and the flood gates were open, somewhere at the back of my mind I was thinking, 'wait, we haven't seen that scene yet' and khgfdlha. It's frustrating. Now, did that stop me from watching the promo for next week? Of course not. Because I'm weak-willed like that. But you bet your ass I'll be hatin' on the NBC promo department regardless! *shakes fist again*

And speaking of that promo... Holy fucking shit! [/famous last words.]

Oh and I also watched Chuck, 1x09: Chuck Vs. The Imported Hard Salami

... and I really only have one thing to say about that: OMFG THEY RIVER-TAM'D BRYCE LARKIN!!!1! o_O slkhflahlshlhdfhjal *FLAILS*

Also: they kiiiiiissssssssssssed omg. :o.
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