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I loved Heroes this week! \o/ And last week as well, and the couple of weeks before, maybe not-so-much, but hopefully it's back on the right tracks now. Hopefully. I'm too short on time to discuss at length right now, but I left a comment on Beeman's blog because I was appalled at the dumbass hissy fits people were throwing there. Heh. So here's a copy-and-paste, with a couple of addendums thrown in there.

Heroes, 3x11: The Eclipse, Part II

(In response to Greg Beeman's blog.)

Beeman -

Love your blogs, love your commentaries, love your unfaltering enthusiasm, and if I saw you at an airport, I'd try and work up the nerve to tell you how awesome I think you are and how sorry I am that people can be so incredibly rude and whiny on the internet. <3 You are too good to us, man.

Incidentally, I loved last night's episode.

I think KBell is a wonderful talent, and I'll miss the character of Elle, but as other sensible fans have expressed before me, so do we Isaac, Adam, Eden, etc. I, for one, am positively thrilled to see Sylar return to his true(r) form. The guy is a sociopath, people. Look it up! (Hint: it's a mental disorder.)

And if Angela and Arthur actually did lie about being his parents, that makes all of them even more badass. I'm down with that. Not to mention I was never 100% onboard with him being a Petrelli. (I'll get over it if he is, but my personal preference is otherwise.)

Talking of badassery, HRG. Holy manatee. I remember back at the start of volume 1 when I truly, wholly hated his guts because he appeared so irredeemably evil at the time. Of course, now we know there are many different shades to his moral palette, but it's really interesting to see him in such dark territory again.

I don't blindly support everything the show does all the time - for instance, I think Mohinder's storyline this season is pretty much horrible. But even so, I thought his interactions with Flint this week were priceless. Hilarious and logical, from a character's standpoint. As well, I'm intrigued by the concept of "the monster inside", as brought to light by Arthur. An astute observation, I think, and I look forward to repercussions on Mohinder's character development.

On that subject, I agree completely with the commenter who mentioned interpersonal drama and character development as being elements which made the show so compelling in its first season. I think they're great assets to the storytelling of Heroes, so whenever they come into focus in a way that is consistent with what's gone on before, you're bound to flirt with excellence, IMO.

I feel this was the case in this two-parter where the characters of Nathan and Peter are concerned. They both progressed as individuals, and so too did their bond as brothers. (If I had to nitpick, Peter could have mentioned Nathan's children instead of/as well as his political role when he made his point about being more expendable. Seems like something he'd be as/more concerned about. But like I said, it's a minor nitpick.)

Matt and Daphne's story continues to be sweet, if rushed - but so it goes in the comic world, I have come to accept. I'm glad they're back on the right track and look forward to their reintegration in the main crisis.

Finally, while I was dubious about Hiro's recent loss of memory (which is simply tragic), I am now delighted with the turn his arc is taking. All of his scenes this week were delightful. Ando is as amazing as always, and Sam and Frak are possibly the best side characters ever. Hiro's last scenes, saving the day at the Bennet house and taking Claire back to the past, were completely thrilling and full of promise.

I cannot wait for next week. It feels awesome being this taken with the show again. Thank you for bringing the goods! And on a much more shallow note, thank you kindly for that picture of Adrian in shackles. As we say in fangirlese: guh.

[/end c-&-p]

Also of note... I understood Nathan's French better than I did the Haitians', lulz. But that's because they really spoke Creole, which is the dialect from the West Indies, whereas Nathan's was more continental. Anyhow... NATHAN + SHACKLES + FRENCH = HKDSL;ASKDHALJ; *dies* (Need icon. Thanks in advance, internets.)

And I am so fond of Sam and Frak's convention legend! Hee. I think it's really sweet that they've mentioned Isaac's sketchbook again, and who knows? Maybe it'll come up again in a future episode? How EPIC would that be? <3

As for Sylar, on the one hand, I'm covertly LOLing at the very process of retconning-the-retcon, but more importantly on the other hand, I am just TOO GLAD TO CARE! :D

Oh and... MOHINDER/FLINT OMG LOL! I loved it, all of it. XD

I'm really excited for next week's episode, I think it has potential to be fantastically awesome. Yay!

Polls to come later tonight, hopefully.
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