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Right, so that took much longer than I'd anticipated. A couple things happened as I unzipped the file for my SPN episode:
  1. I realized I had yet to download and watch The Office, too.
  2. My computer started acting up and slowing down to a crawl. (It's like its innards fomented a mutiny against me!)
  3. As a result of #2, I got sucked into an impassioned game of Monopoly for an hour or so. On my iPod, don't go thinking I'm being all social all of a sudden.

After all which, I decided dinner sounded good, and also remembered that doing a load of laundry was becoming urgent. Lol, my life. Anyway. Now that all of that is out of the way, TV thoughts!

Chuck, 2x12: Chuck Versus The 3-D

More like "Chuck Vs The Funky Blue and Orangey Edges," haha.

Dom Monaghan was hilarious, hee! Such a welcome guest star. :D

I wonder why Casey can't just shoot all of the bad guys with those darts. Too convenient, maybe?

I wish Chuck hadn't got in the car at the end. It kind of makes him a whiny bitch, as far as his ~need~ to get a night off now and then goes. Here I thought it was a valid, reasonable request, but if he's going to change his mind when they DO give him time off... whatever, man. I still love him, mind, but let's face it: that wasn't his most spineful1 moment.

On the other hand, I'm glad he told Sarah that he saw her kill that guy. I feared they'd drag it on forever as a so-called running subplot, so I'm pleased that this doesn't appear to be the case.

Also, I'm as much a fan of the Buy More antics as anyone, but a) needs more Anna, and b) the eating contests are getting really, really gross. I did laugh, but I'm glad I watched it on an empty stomach, myself.

House2, 5x14: The Greater Good

Oh, Wilson. <\3

Is it insensitive if I mention that I didn't buy for a SECOND, in a previous episode, that Cuddy would feel so estranged from her own baby? That just made me WTF all over the place. After however-many years of longing for a child, no way anybody would ever react like that. (Idk, maybe I need more life experience or something, y/n? Feel free to put me in my place.) Anyway, all this to say, I'm glad that's all over with.

Not that I was much more amused by her ~pranks~ on House. Look, I realize this is all setup for their inevitable hook-up (can't come and go soon enough, if you ask me) but it just feels like the Cuddy character is paying the price in full - and not at a good bargain, either. :/

Moving on. It's been a while since I mentioned what a love Kutner is. So here it is: Kutner is a right love, and he makes me happy. :D

As for Taub, Taub's life is just sad. Don't know why, but I feel for the guy. :(

I'm surprised how much I cared about Thirteen. Truthfully, the first batch of episodes this season? I was kind of looking forward to her death (because I am a horrible person). But I think I was in fact near tears at some point this week? I don't know, I tend to think hers and Foreman's whole storyline has made both of their characters infinitely more interesting.

Needs more Chase. (Always needs more Chase.)

But most importantly: oh, Wilson. <\3

Lost, 5x04: The Little Prince

Firstly, let me please just say, The Time Wherein Vincent Is No More: DO NOT WANT. D:

But lawd, the beach gang were so cute in their big canoe. Ha, I totally squealed a high-pitched "omg, so cute!" when they were all rowing and snarking at each other. <33

Sayid is a BAMF! In other news: the sky is blue and the ocean is wet.

Sun scares me quite a bit, on the other hand. Heh!

I think Jack just alerted Claire's mom as to Aaron's existence and whereabouts. Uh-oh. Mouth, meet foot. Although, credit where it's due: Ben is his usual conniving mastermind of EVIL, without whom none of this blablabla... Guy sure knows how to play his pawns.

Sawyer :( You can see the heartache on his FACE. <\3 But it was cool, esthetically speaking, how he saw Kate and Claire there.

As was the column of light shooting up from the hatch. Boone mention. <\3 (It's probably weird, but when Locke mentions Boone, it does a lot to re-humanize the old nutjob to me.) Against my better judgment, I really hope we're shown more instances of our timeline-hopping group stumbling upon events from earlier episodes.

JIIIN! :D And he thought he was confused when his plane full of English-speaking folk crash-landed on a freaky island... "Ha ha ha," goes the Universe.

This show = my antidrug. And I need my next fiiix. *grabby hands*

The Office, 5x14: Lecture Circuit


LOL KELLY! I love her. XD

I am outraged at Stanley's client-trafficking practices. And Creed's 'woo-ing' advice, rofl. POOR ANDY. Poor Oscar.



Supernatural, 4x14: Sex & Violence

Bobby's phone lines = epic.

Okay, I know this was a srs bsns episode and all, but I just keep thinking, for that interval between the moment Sam realized Dean was under the Siren's influence and the moment he was himself spat at, HE PROBABLY THOUGHT DEAN HAD SEX WITH THE GUY! And it amuses me greatly to imagine their conversation afterwards in the car, where Sammy would be like, "I could see you guys hit it off, just didn't imagine how MUCH. *lols*" and Dean would be all "... '-_-"

So, um, yeah. I'm afraid I have no deep insights. Sadtiems watching the brothers fight to the death (well, you know) but at the same time, we knew from the start that they were under demonic influence, so it lessens the impact enough that I didn't sweat Pearly Beads Of Angst OMG over any of it. I know, I know, the issues they have with each other are real, but I won't believe they're enormous enough that either of the boys would commit fratricide in the name of those.

Other than that, 'twas a good episode and the J's were hot as fire. What else is new? ^^

Bones, 4x14: The Hero In The Hold

"What, you've never loved someone and didn't tell them?" BOOTH'S FACE! *flails madly*

I'm not a fan of the whole ghost thing on principle, but I have to say it was sort of cute.

Talking of cute: Brennan getting Booth a new belt buckle! Hee. :D

Angela kinda made me flail, too, when she was urging Brennan to give up the evidence and save Booth, because it spoke to her own distress when Hodgins was buried, and omggg. I just think Michaela Conlin did a fantastic job with that line. <3

On a different note, they totally missed an opportunity to bring back Zack, imo. Then again, I guess to do that within the parameters of the story, there would have had to be some FBI involvement, so... maybe not. But if there was one case I feel it'd have been adequate to have him consult in, it would be this one.

The hug. I lack the ability to talk about it. Which I don't need to, because it speaks for itself. Loud and clear. LOUD. AND. CLEAR. :DDD *draws hearts around her OTP* Sigh. I want a love like theirs, for real.

Battlestar Galactica, 4x14: Blood On The Scales


OMFG, Zarek slaughtered the Quorum! O___O

OMFG, how frakking cool were Lee and Kara shooting those bitchez??! <3


OMFG, Romo pulled a Jarrah! :O That was kind of amazing.

OMFG, CHIEF TYROL FTW! Hee, I was seriously going "omgomgomg go, Chief, go!" while watching. XD Also, I was SURE Kelly was going to shoot him and almost started weeping in advance. (Lulz, self, why so dramatic?)

OMFG, welcome back, President Roslin! Srsly. I'd been waiting. Now, that's the Roslin I like! Which made her scenes about/with Adama all the more powerful. Beautiful stuff. <3

OMFG, Adama & Tigh's legendepic bromance! "They told me you were dead." That almost made me cry, too.

OMFG, GAIUS AND GAETA GORGEOUS AND HEARTBREAKING PENULTIMATE SCENE. Now that had me shedding tears, honest. "I know who you are." Me too, Felix. Me too. ;_;

OMFG. Just... OMFG!

I will- nay, I must end this post on a Dwight Schrute quote: «Do you watch Battlestar Galactica?3 No? Then you are an idiot.» (Truer words were never spoken.)

1: Not a word. (I checked.)
2: I always forget this airs on Mondays as well. Oh, Fox! You and your musical chairs programming.
3: Haha, I just asked this to Rainn Wilson via Twitter. (Shame. I don't have any.)
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