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Heroes, 3x14: A Clear And Present Danger


I watched the season premiere the other night, with every intention to marathon all of Villains before the new volume started, and changed my mind right after. Honestly, it seemed too fastidious a feat. So imagine my delighted glee in honestly enjoying this episode far more than I had ever expected. (Now, multiply by 9276^432, and you're in the neighboring galaxy.) In short: yay!

I had braced myself for super!evil, cognizant Nathan. Instead, we're shown a misguidedly righteous, "God-fearing" fool. A self-loathing hypocrite. I can live with that. He still believes he's working for the greater good (lols!), and that the evils he commits are of the necessary kind. He still cares for his family, albeit so very cowardly. To be honest, his and Peter's whole new dynamic kind of broke my heart. They did lose each other as brothers and friends. :/ I just can't wait for Nathan to be outed and hunted in turn. That'll be fun.

I love love love that Peter's a paramedic. And his perceived helplessness, gods, there was another heartbreaking sight. I think "you can't save everyone" is possibly the harshest thing you could ever tell him. It's true, but he'll forever refuse to accept it. <\3

I was going to mention the Peter/Mohinder taxi scene next, but pretty much ALL of the character interactions were fantastic. It was so great to see them connect on a more ~normal~ level.

Hiro and Ando brought the LOLS, as always, and were as adorable as ever, too. <3 I'm sure Ando's going to kick some ass on his Ando-cycle! Aw.

Martin Gray was kind of awesome with his could-give-a-fuck 'tude. Also, "I'm sure as hell not the son of a man who repairs watches [...]" LOL NO. NEVER. JUST THE SON OF A TAXIDERMIST. Universe: 1, Sylar: 0. Go him for pwning the capture squad, though.

There is SO MUCH about this ep I liked. Really, it's easier to list the few items that I'm still unsure about. They are as follows:
- Matt gets a new ability out of the blue. Whut?
- Mohinder hasn't been in touch with Matt, so why isn't Matt freaking out about Molly yet?
- I'm having trouble determining HRG's motivation. The most likely thing seems to be a pact to keep Claire safe, but idk... Maybe too obvious?

Everything else: gold. Especially the ending, omgs. (Notice how it mirrors the ending of the pilot.) The imagery was really strong, and if it was meant to set the tone for the rest of this volume, that makes me very optimistic about where it all may be going. Hee!

And the SCORE, mah goodness! The score was really brilliant this week, and not just in that final sequence (which is where it was arguably most noticeable) but throughout the entire show. I feel like the composers have outdone themselves with this episode. Kudos to them!

Lastly, on a far more shallow note, I thought Peter's Iranian colleague was a cutie. I kind of shipped them together for a minute, lols.

So all in all, WELCOME BACK, SHOW! I've missed you tons. Never leave me again!

Polls to follow later tonight.
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