Date: 2009-10-04 11:28 am (UTC)
HIMYM: You meh about HIMYM?? D:

Glee: I find it so cool that we're shown everyone's biggest flaws right away
Same. Even the most awesomest/popular/telanted characters are hugely flawed, and it's what makes them realistic and the show even more awesome.

Episode needed more Sue
I think I am the only person around who can't stand her at all. She has great one-liners but ugh shoot Sue now plz

FlashForward I was possibly more impressed with this than I was with the pilot. And I really liked the pilot.
Same. Probably because we'd sen so many of the pilot already at Comic Con so it was 'just' a repeat and because of that to us not an episode full of big reveations/twists like this one.

but I'm pretty sure the writers are gonna pull a double-surprise on this one, i.e. HAY GUYS LOOK HE LIVES and then, bam! Bussed, or something. LOL.
Like Charlie in LOST? D: NOOOO!

but Mark's fixation on his vision just might be what gets them there. Sad and fascinating, like a trainwreck.
Knowing the future creates it in the first place...

LMAO @ Wedeck's blackout true story. LMAO FOREVER. I love that guy.
That made me lmao irl omg!

Supernatural: LEGENDEPIC

Fringe Needs more fake!Charlie and Nina Sharp
Needs more pattern/other dimenson stuff in general. At least tMotW was related to it for once.

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