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Famous last words: if you're in North America tonight and there's a TV near you - WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! NBC, 9pm, you won't be sorry you tuned in. ♥

TV post! With a meme at the end! Whee!

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Anyway, speaking of long hiati: COME BACK LOST! I miss you. *sadface* I always forget to download the new One Tree Hill episodes for my friend Eileen on Thursday mornings, because if Lost's not on, then, there's nothing on. It's how my mind works. (Yes, I do realize how pathetic that is.) 13 days! *sigh*

Moving on...

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I have an itch to catch up on Veronica Mars that I think I just might scratch. Maybe before Lost comes back. I also want to start Friday Night Lights, in large parts thanks to you and a little Kyle Chandler, so I'll do that possibly next month. Lastly, I feel compelled to see how good the Show-That-Trumped-The-Office-At-The-Globes (and thus, Shall Not Be Named) really is. I've caught the German version a couple of times, and just learned it has Christopher Gorham in it (who, for the record, could totally play Wilson's brother on House, yuhuh, *firm nod* if he hadn't gone and got his 'big break' before, pfft *headshake*). So, yes, some time. Definitely.

I didn't comment on the Golden Globes in a timely fashion, and I don't really have anything of interest to contribute even in hindsight. I just love that Hugh Laurie won again! *fangirls him and his wondersome speech*

And now, the meme! It's the favorite character meme, I stole it from every one because I enjoy it muchly. One of the answers is clearly stated in this post, so if you've been patient enough to read it through, there's an easy point for everybody. :D The rules:

1. Post a list of 20 fandoms.
2. Have your friends list guess your fave character from each fandom
3. When guessed, bold the fandom, put in brackets who got it and sentence why you like the character/person.

list of fandoms here )

+ if you're not sure/don't know, take a guess wild guess or make up something!
+ bonus points if you also get my least favorites

That's all, folks!



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