I really should stop reading articles on top of articles on top of articles about The West Wing ending, because it really isn't doing much good for my mental health, and my emo-meter is hopelessly sky-high as it is, but I just have to share this one. Because it made me smile. 'West Wing': A great show limps away, by Robert Bianco, USA TODAY.

While on the subject of TWW, I enjoyed the Ellen show so much, that I hated the fact that it ran so short. I was going to highlight moments that I particularly loved, but then I'd pretty much be summarizing the whole thing, so... I just love them all. (See? Eeeeemooooo, me.)

And randomly enough, I started watching House, M.D. today. I hadn't previously known that Bryan Singer had any involvement in it, so being a sucker for the first two X-Men movies, I had to check it out when I heard he directed the pilot. And I really liked it, so then I watched episode 2. So far, so good!
Just watched Lost. 2x21, ? )

I also rewatched the latest West Wing yesterday. It is an awesome one. And I love that Will Bailey says "how goes it?"
My turn to pimp the WEST WING FRIENDING MEME started by [livejournal.com profile] sirduke. Yay!

And speaking of TWW, I've finally seen Sunday's eppy, wasn't too overwhelmed by it. Basically, I felt the plots addressed in it could have fit within one act, two if they really wanted to stretch it. I didn't HATE it or anything, but for an entire episode, I thought it was pretty dragged out.

In other news, it appears I have lost a shoe. *facepalm*
The West Wing = squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!1!one

7x19, Transition )
I thought I was reading a West Wing spoiler on who the new VP candidate would be, so I got all happy and everything because SPOILER ).

So I was pretty ecstatic to read that bit of info, only to find that it was, in fact, merely some random TWOP guy's friggin' speculation! Damnit! I mean, damnit! Who relays and links SPECS labelling them as SPOILERS??! It should be a crime. I need the spoilers already!
Catch-up a season and a half of The West Wing: done!

Liked it, for the most part. This season's pace felt weird at first, but that was inevitable, I got over it. Will/Kate = cuteness. Really liking the current storyline with the nuclear incident in California and its repercussions on both campaigns, but it just bugs me how no one ever mentioned Sam Seaborn, whom we have every reason to believe to currently be a Congressman for California. Come to think of it, they may have tried to get Rob Lowe (didn't they every season, according to some rumor or other?), in which case... damn him! more rambling on TWW S6&7 ) (You get a cookie for reading this, if you did.)

By the by, the fandom is lacking in so many areas. No one writes about the Wells characters. That's hopefully not true, but it sure is what it seems like. I don't remember ever seeing, on LiveJournal, any Kate fics. Annabeth fics are scarce, as are Will fics. Never mind Lou, Bram, Matt Santos... Heh, there probably are more Andi fics out there than there are for any of those I mentioned, and she hasn't been featured since season 5. (I like her fine, just making a point.)



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