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Heroes, 3x25: The Invisible Thread

(Fair warning: this is actually a lot more about ~*~How I Feel~*~ than about the episode itself. Feel free to skip)

Beware of the kri moar in here, because, oh yes, let's not beat around the bush: I fucking cried. When Angela lets out that scream and cradles his body, godsdamnit, I sobbed. Sobbing right now just thinking about it, actually.

I feel so silly, because I saw it coming. I fucking saw it coming. I said to Zarina as the last chapter of last volume showed a teaser for this one, I said they were going to make him an irredeemable jerk so we'd all want him dead, and then give ~the people~ what "they" want. I knew they'd kill Nathan. I read the theories based on spoilers, and they made sense to me, and they turned out to be exactly right. I prepared myself for this. And yet, I still feel deeply betrayed by my show. (My entitlement. Look how fucking lame.)

I honestly feel like, with this cheap meaningless exit, the writers are clearly telling me "You know what? Don't invest in our show. Don't invest in our characters, don't invest in our stories. Don't invest time, don't engage emotions. Just make some popcorn and watch shit burn. Also, drive a Nissan and join the Sprint network. That is all we care about." This is my feeling right now: why bother? It's biased and clouded and what-have-you, but I'm not very able to see beyond that just yet.

Yes, this ~twist will provide excellent acting opportunities for Pasdar. I'm thrilled about that, really. There's the promise of a realization sooner than later, of a struggle, and there's the human debate. What makes up our identities, and all that. If he looks like Nathan, walks like Nathan, thinks like Nathan, talks like Nathan, has all of Nathan's memories, believes he is Nathan, then is he not Nathan? And why? That all has potential to be fascinating, in capable hands. (I'm rather dubious whether these guys can pull it off.)

But how long until we all tire of it? And since when does Heroes make good on its promises, anyway? People want to see shit burn, man. This ~Nathan's days are clearly numbered. They're killing him three times over. Fucking brilliant.

I'm not even going to touch upon the myriad continuity blind spots and basic common sense failures at play in this whole thing. There are too many to count. My loyal support of three continuous and, frankly, often hazardous years has been flung back at my face with not the slightest bit of care or respect, and it stings.

I am bitter, I've been up all night, and I'm greatly disappointed. The result is this post. In truth, I'll probably keep watching the show and then post 4-line reviews, if even that. Polls are a thing of the past. They take me hours every week, and that is much more than I'm willing to give up for the show anymore. I'll try and post one for this (otherwise rather enjoyable, I thought) episode for completion's sake, and then that's it. My heart isn't in it any longer, and no, a transplant is not an option. ;(

I'm not taking my toys and leaving fandom, but wow! I need to take a step back and take care of myself. Anybody know where I can find a F.U.T.K. shirt to wear to Comic Con? Anyone? D:

p.s. I reserve the right to post again about everything else in this finale after my ~emoshuns~ have simmered down a bit. Could be a while.
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