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I have squee'd about it at length on Twitter, but I would be remiss not to mention it in here as well: Hawaii Five-O!

Oh my gods, I can't even believe how much I love it already. I watched the first couple of episodes back when they started airing and then I probably got ~too busy~ to keep up and I fell behind. But now I just finished catching up last week, and yeah, OH MY GODS. I have come up with a bullet-y list of why we should ALL be watching this show.

- Kickass cast is freakin' kickass. I mean, I suppose Steve does have a lot of Gary-Stuesque qualities, but holy shit, son, this stuff is just so much fun to watch and root for! Really though, Steve's just the most prominent example because trust me; Kono, Danno, and Chin-Ho are all BAMF's in their own rights. Consistently.
- FUN. Fun, fun, fun! Partyin', partyin', yeah! This is a total, unabashed popcorn show brimming with action and comeuppances and crazy CRAZY shenanigans and other jubilatory treats. Amongst which is...
- The banter. It is SO DELIGHTFUL. The snark and the repartee and, underneath it all, the not-even-the-slightest-bit subverted friendship of Steve and Danny is a bottomless mine of gold.
- All of the main characters are being developed. They all have lives outside of Five-O that we get more or less expansive glimpses of. Always a plus, always leaves me wanting more. In a good way, I hasten to add!
- The camaraderie/team dynamics is already showing potential for, idek, THE WEST WING-scale greatness. I'm not even kidding, and some of you know I do not take that reference lightly. ;) To vaguely allude to something which I do not wish to spoil (heh), the whole gang gets themselves in a Serious Inextricable Predicament and just, the way they chose to stick together come what may was a thing of sheer beauty. *_*
- Obvious hotness. I mean, have you seen this cast? They do not always wear shirts. Just putting that out there. :p

- I am now a lot more nervous about ever visiting Hawaii because OH SHIT THE VIOLENT CRIME RATE. lolol.

In short: show is fucking awesome and everybody needs to give it a go! Then tell me how much you loved it. ;)

And now, my flailings on the latest episode. H50: 1x20 )

I am also very much open to icon(-maker) recommendations for this fandom, if anybody has any that they like.
I am back with more TV thoughts!

V )

House )
So, Lost is ending tonight and I am profoundly saddened. I have no words of my own to properly express how much the show means to me and how much I'm going to miss it, so I'll just post this because my journal's pretty much the only place I haven't posted it yet. Watch it even if you've never seen the show, and you might gain some insight.

re: Heroes

May. 16th, 2010 11:47 am
I was talking to [ profile] canadian_turtle about ~my feelings~ and it became apparent I have enough of them to warrant a post in my journal.

It's no secret if you've been reading my twitter that I am extremely overjoyed by the official cancellation of Heroes.

Now, let me clarify, I am in no way denying how much I love the Heroes I love. No past tense there, I love it too much to ever let go and I will forever be smitten with the story as it started. And I think it's BECAUSE of that crazy, immeasurable, borderline-unhealthy love that I am now so glad, so relieved that it is (and we are) finally out of its misery. I feel the show deserved so much more than it got, in terms of writers mostly, and it was ruined beyond all recognition for me in its last couple of years. It's like watching a good friend spiral down to death. I'm genuinely, deeply sorry all that crap happened, but after it reached that breaking point where I could not in good faith condone its shit, I've just been waiting for it to officially end.

I know that sounds really harsh, especially to those people who still have that fire, who can still see it with the same eyes they did when they first happened to catch an episode. More power to them, and there is no malice in my words when I say I envy you. I envy you. I especially don't want to underplay the fact that the fandom has brought me all these incredible friends and experiences and, frankly, as dumb as it may sound, changed my life for the better. I will not forget that, and I am infinitely grateful - more than I can even articulate.

I'll always love the show in some way, and I'm not limiting myself to the first season as so many critics do. I've found something to love in every single volume, in almost every episode - but in the end, when you add it all up, it has offended me far, far too much to retain the esteem in which I once held it.

I only wish the very best to those cast- and crew members who did their job with all the dedication you could expect, and endeavored to bring us the very best of them every week even when the script made it so difficult. I can only hope they find exciting new opportunities worthy of their talent, and I'm pretty sure I will miss them a lot in the meantime.

I'm just outrageously happy the show is finally gone. May it rest it peace (spoiler alert: it probably won't). It can't hurt us anymore.

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been doing the best of jobs at keeping in touch. I try to keep up with my Friends list, and I do okay at that, but commenting and posting have been falling to the wayside. Not gonna lie, I am super stressed out at the moment, so the next couple of times you hear from me are bound to be all whine whine whine. I hope to be back to my regular self in a few weeks?

Not that any other day is different, but just so it's official to anyone who can't remember who I am/why I'm on their f-list/how we're even friends, please feel absolutely guiltfree to defriend me.

This entry has been brought to you by hormones, a mild case of quarterlife crisis, and homesickness. None of which invalidate the above.
LOL, okay, so I was on Adrian's youtube page because I wanted to embed one of his videos into this more light-hearted post, and I saw that he posted a message a little under an hour ago! This is what it says:

I won't say anything. Yet. Other than that the last four years have been wonderful and ALL the folks that go into making HEROES have treated me professionally and with respect. I am still under contract to NBC/Universal, and will remain so until the end of season 4. On another note, I spent today with Masi Oka at Universal Studios, on the lot, and we had some fun behind the scenes at the Jaws attraction on the Tour... I'll post it in a bit. All I had was my iPhone, so the quality might not be as decent and you're used to... Stay Tuned!

Awesome or awesome? I say AWESOME.

And yeah, a lot of stuff doesn't add up and I can't wait until he can talk (lolol no lie, that "Yet." is my favorite part in his note), and maybe this is all but a storm in a teacup and next week we'll feel like total morons, but probably not. The storm has been coming a while. The more I learn, the more I'm convinced the Heroes management treats its people like crap, and that's just foul.

But back to my original sentiment, here's the treasure I wished to remind us all of:


And below the cut is a poll about what roles you think Pasdar should go for next, because clearly we can't be without his fantastic self on our screens for too long, can we?

[Poll #1480419]

Last but not least, here's a humorous article courtesy of on the many falls of Nathan Petrelli. (Thanks, [ profile] kelleah.)

Right, and there was a new episode of Heroes on last night. I shall review it later, and probably finish the season too because a) I am that clingy, and b) we haven't seen the last of Adrian yet. Also did I mention my clinginess? I'll keep the gratuitous hate to a minimum though, promise.

ETA: What should Adrian Pasdar's next project be? It's like they read my mind. ;)
Heroes )
adeline: (bsg: billy/dee)
o hai Heroes filter.


@ [ profile] fly_by_day
GOES LIVE 10/26, 7:55PM EST


p.s. I figure some of you might want to be taken off this filter by now, if so just let me know. (Fyi, my episode reviews stay off-filter, I just use this for all other show-related spammage.)
Heroes )
Heroes )

Lastly and outside a cut, if this is indeed true and about Heroes (and there is little doubt in my mind), whoever The Powers That Be are behind the scenes disgust me to end. D: I feel awful for the loyal cast and crew of classy professionals who have worked tirelessly to make this show the best possible experience. GQMFs, all of 'em. ;) Whatever happens at the end of this season, they have my eternal support and admiration. ♥ (Kring and accomplices gets my eternal rage.)
Ohlawd, it's Monday and I haven't written a word about any of my Thursday shows. I only just watched Fringe now though, and I like my tentative ~system~ of posting about Monday/Tuesday shows (Heroes excepted) in one go, and then about all the Thursday ones together as well. I just need to remember to update about other stuff once in a while, and be quicker with it. Good luck, self. LOL.


FlashForward )

Supernatural )

The Office )

Fringe )

Right, that wraps up last week's episodes for me.

And now I shall indulge in some Heroes... waffling, heh.

No one's denying what we're witnessing now isn't the same show that premiered in 2006, and we all have an opinion on that. Me, I try to hold out some hope still that I can perhaps enjoy the show of 2009. I try. And I'm sad for the show and fandom I dove headfirst into, 3 years ago. There was a piece on [ profile] fandomsecrets recently that more or less lamented the good old days of bustling fandom quality output and wank of the highest order. Not gonna lie, I miss it too! I most definitely understand the lapse, believe you me, but still. It was bizatchin' times! ;)

So today, I'd like to pimp out a couple of things that still manage to inspire infinite good will in me towards this Heroes - which is no small feat, lol.

• Cast picspams! There are many, but this one by [ profile] lucky_star79 is my go-to place when I can't remember why falling for them was so damn easy. It's a shame many of those guys have been let go, but memories are forever and these are pretty sweet memories. ;)
This incredible fanvid featuring the whole cast by [ profile] venus_6_ka. OH MY GODS SOMEBODY WAS ABLE TO MAKE SOME SENSE OF S3 AS A WHOLE. Color me massively impressed. I swear NBC only wishes they had talent like that in their promo dept.
• The LOLS. [ profile] heroes_macros hasn't seen a lot of activity recently, but I remember lol'ing irl well into the night on more than one occasion in its heyday. We can has revival tiems plz? [ profile] heroes_meta brings the snark every Monday in a compilation from fans' reviews on the previous episode. ~Decrypt the show? Do it in style.
• The pretty. It's telling, how important this has become, but what can I say? (It used to be the stories held my attention, fyi.) [ profile] heroesaday posts one screen cap, inviting us to observe and reminisce the beauty in camera angles, blocking, facial expressions, small gestures, or just really how gorgeous the cast always was. (See also, "picspams".)
• Live commenting posts. [ profile] heroes_tv has one every week, but I find them a bit tern and I much prefer those hosted by Kelly, where we squeal and/or bitch FIRST, and think LATER. Fun times guaranteed, whatever the intrinsic quality of any given episode! And the post header pics are just adorable, too. Watch:

@ [ profile] fly_by_day
GOES LIVE 10/12, 7:55PM EST

So you see, there's still some goodness to go around. I might edit this list to add more stuff as it becomes apparent, but if you're only going to check out one thing, make that the fanvid. I don't know the vidder from Adam, but srsly you guise. You guise. Srsly. It might even get you pumped for tonight's episode, for reals. :O
At last(!), my thoughts on this past week's TV. XD

How I Met Your Mother )

House )

Melrose Place )

The Good Wife )

Glee )

Bones )

FlashForward )

Supernatural )

Fringe )

The Office )

And now, off I go in search of good quality Supernatural screencaps and easy Photoshop tutorials. Oh dear.
Oh lawd, so much good TV to comment on - and I'm not even done watching all my Thursday shows.

For now, though, I just want a new and dark Supernatural wallpaper, sized 1280x800 pixels, inspired by the latest episode and these words:

have we lost everything now, walking like each other's ghost around these empty streets - the sedatives tell you everything is alright
(Thursday, "Jet Black New Year". lol my emo is showing.)

Anyway! I'm not holding my breath but that would be really awesome. Bonus points for Dean's POV on future!Dean and future!Cas, whatever the hell that means on a graphic level. (I'll stop talking now.)
Heroes )
Heroes )

Round One on [ profile] glee_lims! Click Here To Sign Up!

Yes. Welcome new friends, btw! :D I've ~decided~ that even though I'm pretty sure I know the exact outcome of the one story I'm ~invested in~ still, I want to watch this season. Will I never learn, you ask? Probably not. So I'm definitely going to need support (lolol I'm so dramatic) and I'm very thankful for you guys.

I got a whole bunch of (my) DVDs in the mail today, including Heroes S3. First thing I watched: all of the deleted scenes back to back. It was great because there's a lot of excellent stuff in there, and it was a little upsetting because so much of it was all good and relevant. My thoughts, let me show you them. Is there such a thing as deleted spoilers? )

In conclusion, as the next season nears, these extras both gave me hope that the writers actually are still capable of putting in some more-than-average work, and worried that their best efforts are unrecognized (at best) or plainly disregarded by higher-ups. I say: somebody needs to get their head out of the sand, stat! But hey, no matter what ends up on our screens, I'll be watching (against my better judgment, heh) and hoping until the end that this is the year they somehow bring Awesome back. Have a great season, y'all! :)

And now, a fanvid! I started this back in May, after the finale, whilst I was very much in the throes of mourning. I figured I should finish it before S4 rolled around, so there it is. I'm quite pleased with some parts, but on the whole it was a rush job done over the weekend and I'm an oversensitive n00b. Translation: I probably wouldn't take harsh criticism very gracefully, so... yeah. Rather be wimpy than vexed! :D Anyhow.



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