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Puerto Rico is recovering from disaster, and people in the Bay Area are among those ready to help. One of the restaurants joining the effort is Borinquen Soul, in Oakland's Dimond District. They are collecting water bottles,diapers, baby food, batteries, first-aid supplies, feminine hygiene products, and all other hygiene products to send to Puerto Rico. They also have a GoFundMe page at


Also visit their website and Facebook page:

For more about restaurant-based relief efforts in the Bay Area:

The following tumblr also compiles a variety of aid links for the island:

made this video in the past few days. I could have used the tripod more, zoomed in more, be more thoughtful with B-roll, remembered to color correct, etc... but at least it's finished and out there. It was the first time I shot footage of people on my own with my new little microphone that doesn't fit on the "shoe" of the camera, so now I have practice.

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this was from the time PROMESA passed, but even more applicable now:

"Grito de Lares “black flag” in Santurce with the machete, a symbol of struggle and defiance. This is the flag of the town of Lares, Puerto Rico, and it is emblematic of the independence movement of the island. Photo by Spear Torres. Used with permission."

it's not just emblematic - in blue, red, and white (with a cross instead of a machete) it was the pro-independence flag, woven by Mariana Bracetti.

while it took a while to contact at least the immediate family members there, we're not sure about others...the priest who officiated my parents' renewal vows (a salsa mass...he enjoyed music) died of natural causes, but who knows if it might have been exacerbated by the situation. Many people really cared about him.
My grandma, one of the nicest people ever, seems to be doing ok in a nursing home now. The place is on a hill in San Juan, but down the hill are the projects and I wonder how they fared...even the random horse I saw there and in another projects area (on the west side).

just reminded me, all the cats in San Juan, especially Old San's not just a "aww the cute animals" problem, but if their corpses are left around, that's a health hazard.

there's not much heard from the west side, where my family's from, but my dad saw some bird's eye view pics yesterday and the river came up to two blocks from their old family home. the river was never that close in recent memory

and this response...
playing around with food stamps and death statistics and the debt (that this president is part of!)
calling it not a catastrophe
FEMA sending large food boxes but when opened it's just one meal for an adult, plus a rice krispies treat...

how much of the reconstruction will set up future ways for more American/foreign business to fund their third vacation home...

PR voted so many times to become a state to save at least a little dignity, even quite recently, but money ensured that even that request wouldn't happen.

now I'm wondering if, with this reprehensible treatment, the independence movement might get more steam. but then ppl will be like "you ingrates what about all the money and food and troops that helped you"

being raised in the States, I don't feel I can speak any more for how the people on the island feel, but if they move this way, I hope I can support them enough



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