Last day of con reporting. ;_;

But how was my week, between then and now? Rather uneventful, to be honest. I bought a stationary bike, which I think I may have mentioned before? Am still waiting for the delivery. Did I mention David and Clémence are repatriating at the end of the month week? They're having trouble conceiving, and medical attention isn't as readily available in Djibouti. My parents have been apartment hunting, and mom finally found a decent place for them in town, so that's good. Side observation of random: holy manatee, I did not see the month of March whoosh by. I wonder why, heh.

I hope every one who celebrates it had a pleasant Easter weekend. We actually went to the Tex-Mex restaurant we like for lunch. Was good. And all day long yesterday, I kept cracking up with every bite of chocolate I had, because it made me think of Cristine Rose. *facepalm* "Overdose of chocolate."

And whilst I'm being somewhat random, I so need a new mp3 player. Mine is literally falling apart. I actually have to use a clothes pin to hold it together. It's very stylish, as you can probably imagine. I'll probably get me an iPod one of these days, although it absolutely cannot claim a priority spot on my budget. I'll just make-do with my yellow plastic peg in the mean time, heh.

But back to Eclipse, for the last time until November: Sunday, March 16th )

And I've decided that some way, somehow, I will definitely be going to Eclipse 2. If the guest lineup is half as good as this one was, it will be a total blast.
More convention reportings. Beware of the tl;dr.

Saturday, March 15th )
It was a week ago already, that the grand madness started. I wanna go back, omg. In fact, I kind of have booked a room in Northampton for the Eclipse 2 dates already. The hotel convention is ALREADY FULL, by the way. Yes, for serious. The event is still eight months away. Who was it that first said this fandom is batshit insane? Can't argue that.

But that's a long way away, let's retrace the first Eclipse. Right. Let's go back to the start.

And THAT was a good Friday. )

Now, re:Lost. OMGWTFBBQ! This show is as insane as ever. And I love it. o_O



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