Mwahaha! I caught up on a whole Summer's worth of Creed Thoughts (\creedthoughts) this morning and just about busted a gut.

Now, anybody who can write me a Creed Bratton/Phoebe Buffay piece of fanfic will be my hero forever. XD
I watched Insomnia tonight, and my goodness, I'd forgotten how much I love Al Pacino. I worship the guy. He's perfect in everything, it blows my mind. The movie was really good, too. Recommended. Of course I might be biased, because it has Pacino, it has Robin Williams, Maura Tierney, Jonathan Jackson... By the by, I so could've been casting director's assistant... Or something. Okay, but the whole thing is worth a look, honestly.

I should add to my list of resolutions, stop giving all of my (fast-running) money to Amazon! I just ordered seasons 9 and 10 of Friends on DVD, because, I'm ashamed to say, I did not yet own them. *gaaaasp* I almost didn't type "of Friends" there, because it's so evident that I should have all of it already by now. I grew up on that show, I learned English from that show, and for years and years it's had this HUGE influence on me. Been a while since I last watched a tape, now. Actually, they still sold them season sets in VHS sets, that's how long it's been. I think I was so crushed that it eventually came to an end - even though I agreed that it should - that I distanced myself from it to, I don't know, shield myself from the blues? Say what you will, it really was the end of an era. But I'm definitely ready and eager to look back, and it's high-time I should! Yay, Friends! That being said, really now, I've gotta stop visiting Amazon.

Oh oh, quick LJ question! Does anyone know how to change a personal journal into a community? I didn't think to make my creative journal a community when I started it, so now I constantly have to log out and log in again whenever I want to post something and/or reply to comments left on it. It gets annoying after a while. (And holy gee, someone nommed an icon of mine in a weekly awards comm' thing! Eep!)



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