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p.s. I figure some of you might want to be taken off this filter by now, if so just let me know. (Fyi, my episode reviews stay off-filter, I just use this for all other show-related spammage.)
Ohlawd, it's Monday and I haven't written a word about any of my Thursday shows. I only just watched Fringe now though, and I like my tentative ~system~ of posting about Monday/Tuesday shows (Heroes excepted) in one go, and then about all the Thursday ones together as well. I just need to remember to update about other stuff once in a while, and be quicker with it. Good luck, self. LOL.


FlashForward )

Supernatural )

The Office )

Fringe )

Right, that wraps up last week's episodes for me.

And now I shall indulge in some Heroes... waffling, heh.

No one's denying what we're witnessing now isn't the same show that premiered in 2006, and we all have an opinion on that. Me, I try to hold out some hope still that I can perhaps enjoy the show of 2009. I try. And I'm sad for the show and fandom I dove headfirst into, 3 years ago. There was a piece on [ profile] fandomsecrets recently that more or less lamented the good old days of bustling fandom quality output and wank of the highest order. Not gonna lie, I miss it too! I most definitely understand the lapse, believe you me, but still. It was bizatchin' times! ;)

So today, I'd like to pimp out a couple of things that still manage to inspire infinite good will in me towards this Heroes - which is no small feat, lol.

• Cast picspams! There are many, but this one by [ profile] lucky_star79 is my go-to place when I can't remember why falling for them was so damn easy. It's a shame many of those guys have been let go, but memories are forever and these are pretty sweet memories. ;)
This incredible fanvid featuring the whole cast by [ profile] venus_6_ka. OH MY GODS SOMEBODY WAS ABLE TO MAKE SOME SENSE OF S3 AS A WHOLE. Color me massively impressed. I swear NBC only wishes they had talent like that in their promo dept.
• The LOLS. [ profile] heroes_macros hasn't seen a lot of activity recently, but I remember lol'ing irl well into the night on more than one occasion in its heyday. We can has revival tiems plz? [ profile] heroes_meta brings the snark every Monday in a compilation from fans' reviews on the previous episode. ~Decrypt the show? Do it in style.
• The pretty. It's telling, how important this has become, but what can I say? (It used to be the stories held my attention, fyi.) [ profile] heroesaday posts one screen cap, inviting us to observe and reminisce the beauty in camera angles, blocking, facial expressions, small gestures, or just really how gorgeous the cast always was. (See also, "picspams".)
• Live commenting posts. [ profile] heroes_tv has one every week, but I find them a bit tern and I much prefer those hosted by Kelly, where we squeal and/or bitch FIRST, and think LATER. Fun times guaranteed, whatever the intrinsic quality of any given episode! And the post header pics are just adorable, too. Watch:

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GOES LIVE 10/12, 7:55PM EST

So you see, there's still some goodness to go around. I might edit this list to add more stuff as it becomes apparent, but if you're only going to check out one thing, make that the fanvid. I don't know the vidder from Adam, but srsly you guise. You guise. Srsly. It might even get you pumped for tonight's episode, for reals. :O

Round One on [ profile] glee_lims! Click Here To Sign Up!

Yes. Welcome new friends, btw! :D I've ~decided~ that even though I'm pretty sure I know the exact outcome of the one story I'm ~invested in~ still, I want to watch this season. Will I never learn, you ask? Probably not. So I'm definitely going to need support (lolol I'm so dramatic) and I'm very thankful for you guys.

I got a whole bunch of (my) DVDs in the mail today, including Heroes S3. First thing I watched: all of the deleted scenes back to back. It was great because there's a lot of excellent stuff in there, and it was a little upsetting because so much of it was all good and relevant. My thoughts, let me show you them. Is there such a thing as deleted spoilers? )

In conclusion, as the next season nears, these extras both gave me hope that the writers actually are still capable of putting in some more-than-average work, and worried that their best efforts are unrecognized (at best) or plainly disregarded by higher-ups. I say: somebody needs to get their head out of the sand, stat! But hey, no matter what ends up on our screens, I'll be watching (against my better judgment, heh) and hoping until the end that this is the year they somehow bring Awesome back. Have a great season, y'all! :)

And now, a fanvid! I started this back in May, after the finale, whilst I was very much in the throes of mourning. I figured I should finish it before S4 rolled around, so there it is. I'm quite pleased with some parts, but on the whole it was a rush job done over the weekend and I'm an oversensitive n00b. Translation: I probably wouldn't take harsh criticism very gracefully, so... yeah. Rather be wimpy than vexed! :D Anyhow.

Who's up for another merry-go-round of crazy LJ voting?


You know you want to. :D


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Mar. 9th, 2009 11:39 pm

p.s. I saw Watchmen today and it was as awesome as the everybody else is telling you it is. :D
Heroes )

Polls to follow later tonight.

Two unrelated questions:
  1. Was there a new House episode? There was supposed to be, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Tami! <3
  2. Do you watch Battlestar Galactica? If so, hop on over to [ profile] hobbitofkobol's episodic poll for "Blood On The Scales" right now! :D
{ the SUPERPOWER meme }
LOOKIT WHAT I CAN CROSS OFF MY LIST OF HEROES THINGS TO POST! \O/ \O/ I started this in December, lulz. But then I left it alone for months, so... heh. Also, lulz for doing this on a Thursday night when everyone in their right mind is watching TV. XD (Or, actually? Friday morning, 5AM. *facepalm*) Aaaaaanywayz!

Title: Five People Who Never Shot Nathan Petrelli (Until Further Evidence To The Contrary)
Author: Adeline ([ profile] gossy16)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: probably just what the title says, y/n? ;D
Word count: 1,000 (It's just a happy accident! ^^ )
Spoilers: None beyond Volume 2.
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes. Yet.

( "they come snapping at your wheels" )

@ [ profile] dontburnhot's

= awesomesauce.

And talking of fandom, strangely, it's not so much the spoilers that are difficult to resist, but all the excitement of educated speculation. 5 days! I can totally do it. And then I'll go back and read everyone's spoiler-squee posts. XD

Also, I'm sort of going into 'omg term paper due in 40 hours' panic mode tonight, so if you don't see me around until Friday afternoon, that'd be why.
Don't have tons of substance to update about, am still criminally behind on replying to comments, and not having much time right now to remedy those (mild) issues but I will not break my posting streak. Especially not with the end of the month so close. :P

Watched The Office and Supernatural today, both of which I enjoyed, but can't much go into detail about. I'll be watching Grey's Anatomy tonight, though I'm not sure I'll stick with the show much longer. TV schedule is getting crowded, even for me. Heh.

What I wanted to post tonight were two Heroes fic recs, because strangely enough (sic), I find myself reading tons of it rather than the bajillion works on my university syllabus - 9 books in as many days is totally feasible, right? Anyhow!
    Here's the most fantastic, in-character, fluffy-cosy-funny Matt/Mohinder fic I've read... ever. Also, it includes hefty amounts of Molly, and family-ness, and zomg!CUTE. [ profile] _hazelnutcoffee wrote it and thereby won the intarwebz. ♥
    And for the Sylar/Mohinder nostalgics (I include myself in that group), [ profile] levitatethis wrote this amazing two-parter that you must drop everything and go read now because, holy lizards and cockroaches, you do not want to be missing out on such great angst smut writing. Again, the characterization is phenomenal, and just... shfdalskkjhfd. It broke me, but in the good way, you know? No? So go read.

Also, most importantly, I wanted to wish [ profile] dontburnhot, [ profile] canadian_turtle, [ profile] ferretwho and anybody else who's going ([ profile] glorfindelghost?) tons of fun and good times at Collectormania this weekend. Don't forget to blackmail the Heroes guests into coming to Eclipse.
Chuck Friending Meme, yay!

The new episode was formidable, I was in stitches from beginning to end. I'm starting to develop fondness for all characters besides Chuck, whom I already love to bits. I'm even starting to ship ), damn it all. In conclusion: Chuck ftw!
It's another post of little import, but I urge all Heroes fans out there to watch this video from Access Hollywood. That's Jack Coleman's perspective on the European leg of the Heroes World Tour. Included in the footage: singing, push-ups, shirtlessness - all three involving Milo in one way or another.


Excuse me while I go rewatch it again (and again).

The Office )

Grey's Anatomy )

Supernatural )

Famous last words: if you're in North America tonight and there's a TV near you - WATCH FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! NBC, 9pm, you won't be sorry you tuned in. ♥

Heh, we are now ovenless for up to ten days. The light in it died and the thermostat started acting up, so it's in the shop getting repaired. Pots and pans > multi-function microwave! My cool aunt will be visiting us Thur-Sat (with my little 3-year-old cousin that I've never met), so the timing for this is ftw, yes? The boy is said to be a little demon-child, so I'm looking forward to getting acquainted. ;D

From here on out, this post will be all Heroes-related, so feel free to skip if it ain't your cuppa.

Not applying filters because I need to pimp [ profile] petrelli_lims, for I'm gonna need two skips when I go away. ;} Go join, y'all! Petrellis are awesome, you'll agree, and LIMS contests are cool; so if that's something you might be interested in, go ahead and check it out. You still can join until the voting for challenge #1 goes up.

Point the second; I'm now a mod/co-maintainer at [ profile] heroesiconathon! That means, when I pimp voting posts, I will know if it has any effect. Ha! I will also know when certain members on my f-list who are signed up for the challenge don't turn entries in. *coughkatcough* ;)

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia never cease to totally justify my insanity )


That is all.
Because I completely forgot to pimp it yesterday...

LOST fanvid under the cut )

I know, it suxx0rz. I made it last year in school, heh. The class consisted in learning to make video montages, and OF COURSE, that means nothing but fanvids to me. It's my first ever! I'd been meaning to upload it for a while, but then my net went all screwy for months, but I finally got around to it yesterday.

I had no idea if my prof had any knowledge of the show, so I thought I'd try to summarize the first season, minus a couple unpleasant details such as omgwtfpolarbear, Lostzilla, the hatch, Boone dying (noes! ;__;)... LOLS, yeah, that makes for a lame-ass summary, then, indeed. But whatever.

Also, music choice? I saw how long the footage ran, sorted all the songs on my computer by length, and picked my favorite out of the eligible few. I think "Piece by piece" really works nicely, though, and Feeder = love, so that's cool.

Shame on me for omitting to pimp out the
going on at [ profile] phantomsphool's.

Join in and pimp it. It can definitely use the plug.

In other web events, is hosting another live blog this evening. The casts of Heroes, FNL, The Office (and more) are going to be around. As of right now, it seems to me about 90% of questions are about The Office. I love The Office. I just hope other people get to be represented on the blog, so, if you have any questions that you can think of, feel free to go over and ask it. (Thanks [ profile] lunacat for the heads-up!)

To all my American friends, happy 4th of July! ^^

It's boy bands revival time over here! ROFL. [ profile] x_emy_x and I, being supremely bored yesterday, scoured YouTube for tacky 90's videos and I stumbled upon a few of Worlds Apart. Who here remembers those guys? If you don't (or haven't ever heard about them), suffice it to say when the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync came to Europe, they opened for Worlds Apart. They were my first love, haha. I was hardcore. I hadn't listened to them in years! LOL, they were so tacky. Let me waste a small part of your day with my reminiscing - I've embedded a couple of my YouTube findings under the cut:

why can't i pick up the phone just to call you like before (ooh ooh) ? )

In conclusion: HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG! I loved them liekwhoa. I found a couple of those guys' MySpaces pages, LOL. They're supposed to make a comeback in the fall. I AM SO THERE. XD



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