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Heroes, 3x15: Trust And Blood

Hoshit. I think our show is awesome again, guys. :O

It's become a bit trickier to divide up recaps by character, as their stories come together so gracefully. In a big ball of blazing awesomeness! Hee. In case you couldn't tell, I'm really excited by this volume.

Sylar hasn't been this creepy since that time he made Agent Hanson point her gun at her own head. LOL REMEMBER THAT TIME? omg. I'm glad to see him return to baser instincts, now that he has decidedly missed the train to Redemption Town. His line about that kid Luke wanting nothing more than to see his mother's blood all over the floor? Chills. HOLLA, VIRGINIA GRAY! Now, I doubt their road trip could ever achieve the amounts of epic reached by the Momo 'n Zane US Mini-Tour 2006, but I'm interested enough to see where it's going.

Now, Nathan. Well, at least he's not as evil as Sylar? Ha. You know you're grasping when that's the best defense you can come up with. It's not, really, but the thinking part of my brain has been short-circuited by how scalding he looked throughout the entire episode. Just look at that motherfucker. Hottt! I mean, even though he hasn't quite wisened up yet, I just see that White Shirt Of Righteousness And ~Subtle Foreshadowing~ and I know everything will be alright in the end. (i.e. Shut up and let me have my faith, plzkthx.)

Tracy is interesting. I think I like her. I think she could have definitely sold Peter out. Loved everything about that scene, too. Peter took Nathan's flight! :D So, in a roundabout way, Nathan did save Peter, y/y/stfu? And by the by, I'd figured as much from the previous ep, but it's good that Peter's new ability has been Officially Clarified.

But how hardcore is The Hunter? Oh lawd, he's totally coming after my bb Nathan in 3... 2... 1... SADNESS. Oh well, as long as he doesn't kill him, I guess only good stuff can come of it. Either way: flailytiems ahead!

HRG's motivations just got a lot clearer. Old, but hey, there's a reason classics are classics; who am I to argue? Plus, it makes for excellent dynamics with Nathan re: Claire. I kind of admire how she omitted to say she snuck into the plane after "Daddy Number Two" freed her and sent her home, btw. But back to HRG, omg, how much win is he? I know he probably only spared Peter for Claire's sake, so that Nathan's in his debt, but that's still nine kinds of awesome. I guess families aren't sacred anymore. Yaydrama!

I have to mention the Matt/Mohinder element! Here I thought I was over it completely, but when Mohinder was imploring Hiro to save himself, I couldn't refrain from translating as "gtfo n00b, i need to ~comfort~ my ex nao, kthx! :D" Also, "Matt, that's not us! It's not you!" kind of has me drawing hearts all over them all over again, I'm ~sorry! It still puzzles me that they're not talking about Molly, though. Shouldn't they be freaking out about her safety, particularly at this time?

Hiro = so cute. Aww. Not that I'm surprised by this, but it never fails to charm me. Oh, Hiro-kun, how so adorable? <3 Ando and Daphne were a great duo as well - and for some reason it amuses me infinitely to imagine them running over water. (I have no trouble with the logistics of it, if the boost Ando gives her is enough to move them in time.)

I don't believe Daphne's dead, so, I'm not even in shock or distress or any of those fun things over that bit. I'll say this, though, if she is well and truly gone: massive fail, show. With Tracy captured and Claire bummin' it out with the worst of 'em in Costa Verde (talking of which, Sandra Bennet, wtf happened to "I dream of you going to college someday"? Hmm?), I really think Team Fugitives could use some more girl power.

Having said that, the scene wherein she gets shot down was kickass to the nth degree. And I am SO GLAD that Matt retains his original abilities, omg! And ooh, he wants ~revenge~! Another step towards dark!Matt is always a step in the right direction, if you ask me. (Lol, sorry Momo bb.)

LOL @ the text messages. Wouldn't it be the best thing ever if Rebel was Hana Gitelman? Dude. I would flip my jizz! :O And while I'm here dreaming away: if it could be Adam Monroe, I think my LIFE would be COMPLETE. If it's Angela, I will LOL. If, of all people, it is Nathan, I will LOL till I cry. (And also maybe squee like a brainless pathetic teenybopper, but what can ya do? XD) If it's Sylar, I will LOL and then I will despair at the avalanche of Sylar/Claire horrendous and phony fanwank that is sure to follow. =_=

Anyhows! I think that's all I have for this episode. Bonus neither-here-nor-there comment: I still love it when Isaac gets mentioned by name. :D

Polls to follow later tonight.

Two unrelated questions:
  1. Was there a new House episode? There was supposed to be, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, Tami! <3
  2. Do you watch Battlestar Galactica? If so, hop on over to [livejournal.com profile] hobbitofkobol's episodic poll for "Blood On The Scales" right now! :D
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