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So I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should post about tonight. It was definitely the most interesting way, I find, in which I've ever had the chance to interact with someone whose work I adore so. There were about 30 of us fans in attendance, tops. The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal, and topics varied from all things Heroes (duh) to the Beatles, via the paparazzi and various other things.

Trust me, I really hate to be one of those bitches who'll only tell LOL, you had to be there but... I got a strong sense that he's not a strong supporter of how fast "news" travel, and I use quote marks because that really only defines what we perceive as worthy of being reported. No great secrets were revealed, aside what I deduced from something he said, which he then confirmed with the request that it stay in the room. If interested, you'll probably read about it soon enough, but it won't be from me. This puts me at odds with my usual interest in knowing every little detail about events I was unable to attend, but I'm suddenly getting where the other side is coming from, and it's odd really, because I realize how uppity and full of crap I must sound. Anyway, not too take away from meticulous exposés (secret: I'll probably keep reading those and live with the shame), but I've come to see it as a matter of respect.

Also, I didn't take any pictures. I was sitting front and middle, about 5 ft. from the man and I would have been way uncomfortable pulling out the camera. We did however get a photoshoot! How that even slipped my mind before, I have no idea, but it did and thus- You know how sometimes you look at old con photo ops and wonder wtf you could have possibly thought you were wearing? Well I just have a feeling it won't take me much time to get there. >_> ANYWAY.

Having said all of the above, there are still a few of things I'd like to contribute to fandom pool that I don't feel are too intrusive on the ~moment~ (what are these words, idek).

An Audience With Jack Coleman )

In other, less pompous words: OMG IT WAS THE BEST EVER! :D
I am home! Have been for a little over 6 16 hours now, but sleep had to come first. :p

Previously, on this unprecededly marvelous week-end: I met Zachary Quinto and flailed a lot.

Yesterday was so eventful. We did it again!

teh red carpet of win )

inside Le Grand Rex )

viewing of the pilot )

more Q&A with TK and JL )

introducing Seelahre - spoilers up to 1x18 )

awards and exit )

Zaaach! )

the end )



p.s. Yes of course I will post some pictures.
Okay, so.

I took my train at 5am, blablabla, got into Paris at 9, and got at the Album shop where the Heroes signing was held at 9:30. They were handing out tickets starting at 10, on a first come, first served basis, and I got #23 (dun dun duuunnn). The signing itself didn't start until 1, and Zarina ([ profile] canadian_turtle) didn't get into town until 2:15, so I pretty much dicked around the St-Michel area for the rest of the morning. Went to the Notre-Dame cathedral, got hit on and given a 6€ Eiffel Tower keychain, McLunched, and went back to the store to get a Tim Sale limited collector's artwork thing for the guys to sign later. It can be seen in the pilot, actually, so I'll make a screencap and show you guys.

Then I went out again to queue for the signing, got my camera within hand's reach, and at maybe 12:50 I looked back to the main entrance and ZOMG!ISTHATONEZACHARYQUINTOTHERE? omgyesitwas. And no one else seemed to freaking notice!!! So I went up to, like, 4 feet from him, stole a paparalike picture and just pretty much froze rooted to the ground. Right there. In the middle of the sidewalk. Then HE turns to me, smiles and says "Bonjour!" and by then I'm about DEAD from teh guhness of it all.

I mumble a response that might have sounded like the verbal equivalent of keysmash and go all quiet again, petrified. Then a guy who was there with him and Jeph Loeb (let's call him Red Shirt) starts telling them a story, and BY THE WAY PEOPLE STILL AREN'T NOTICING O_O !!1! And I see Zach's not really listening much, so I tell myself it's now or never and ask, all aflush, "Excuse me, would you mind taking a picture with me?"

And Zach - OMG he is the nicest ever *squee* - goes like, "Oh, sure! What's your name?"
Me: (jhgdjhgjjhg) Adeline.
Him: Nice to meet you, Adeline, I'm Zach. *shakes hand*
Me: I know!
Ugh, sdjklfhkj!!! So I'm still holding up my camera, and Zach says about the picture, "We need someone to take it."
Jeph Loeb turns round and offers lkjkhjgjhhsa and because he is so cool (or because my camera is ancient crap lolz) he accidentally takes TWO. Haha! WIN. I ♥ him now. The pictures are in my previous, locked post. As you can see, he put his arm around my shoulders JKDHJKDASGHJKGFAFKJG, so naturally, I put mine in his back, heh. :p

After Jeph hands me the camera back, Zach goes, "So, Adrienne? Is that - was that your name? I'm sorry."
Me: (lawls!) Adeline.
Him: Oh, Adeline! How do you spell it?
Oh, it was so cute.

Then he asked if I was going inside [for the signing] so I said yes and proceeded to tell him about Zar who came all this way just because he was at the festival tomorrow... He seemed touched and said "I'll sign a picture for her! :D" Then he asked if we were going to the festival tomorrow, and said it's going to be lots of fun, to which I replied, "I hope so!" And he PROMISED me. Promised! He said, "I promise we're gonna have a lot of fun!"

Words cannot at all describe the complete and utter inner squee.

Then people FINALLY took notice and swarm of them came flocking for pictures, and then Tim Kring got there, and everyone got inside and the queue was organized by the back door. I finally got in at around 2:00, got my stuff signed by Tim Kring, who made me spell my name, then Zachary, who remembered it (pointed at me and exclaimed "Adeline! How are you?" kjhdkjsgjhsdghj\ffd), Jeph Loeb, and got them to sign for Zar as well. Mission accomplished. Because my brain (heh) was on the fritz so much, I couldn't really think of anything thoughtful to say (besides spelling out our names for Tim Kring, lolz) but I took notice of how nice and patient they were to everyone! Zach spoke French to people, which did nothing to help with the brain-fritzing, as you can imagine. He said "Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?" in the most adorable voice and I died about a million and one times.

For the curious, Kring's autographs read "To: [Name] / Tim Kring;" Zachary's "[Name] - / Mes meilleurs voeux! / Zachary Quinto / "Sylar" " (kjdsghj\d with the French again. It means Best wishes), and Jeph Loeb's "[Name]! / Save the world / Jeph Loeb." I'll post a picture later, if you guys are interested.

Then I left, because I'd been talking to fellow fans further in the queue and didn't want to take up too much time, so I said "See you tomorrow, guys!" and Loeb replied with a hearty, "Great! Lookin' forward to it!" Hee.

Just when I stepped out and went back to tell the people I'd talked with in the line how it went down, Zarina called me from the train station to tell me she was coming to me on her own so I needn't go and fetch her there. Twenty minutes later, we met up and went back to the shop, where we talked some more with people I met while waiting, Jules and Hélène from the forum. We waited for Zach to come out and when he did, we were all like, "Zach! This is Zarina from The Netherlands!" And he was like, "Oh, you're the one!" So he happily posed for a picture with her (which, in the absence of Mr. Loeb, I had to take *pfft!* :p) and then of course he got mobbed by tons of other fans. Oops.

Jules managed to get his picture taken as well, I managed to get Zarina's and Zachary's All-Star Converse clad 4 feet in the same picture (ZACHRINA OTP Y/N?) but by that point there were camera crews and photographers on top of crazed fans, so it was a little bit insane. He went to his car and then ROLLED DOWN THE WINDOW to talk to fans some more OMG I LUFF HIM JHJSDHFKJA! Zar took a couple more awesome pictures. Then he left and we waved and he waved back, heeeeeee. We were SO HYPER. Then Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb left in the same car, and we never saw more of them.

Until tomorrow. HEEEE!! Also, we went to check out Le Grand Rex with Jules afterwards, so we'll know our way around the place when we get there. Yay! [ profile] merry_holdwine, call me tomorrow morning if you'd like to meet up and sit together (with me and Zar and Jules and Zach) in the theater. OMG IT'S GONNA BE GREAT.




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