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Aww! I had to answer today's Fannish Five: Name 5 characters you think really need a hug.

2. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeee Adamaaaaaaaaaaaa! <\3
3. Pam Beesly
4. Dr. Lance Sweets XD
5. Capt. David Shepherd
6. Nathan Petrelli (What? I think he does! Shut uuup. :P)

So, on the topic of TV, I miss BSG. Gods. I miss it. That I'm unable to go to the awesome Jules Verne Festival event in a couple weeks only breaks my heart even more. D:

My life, you guys. ;\


Kings, 1x05: Insurrection

lol, did Thomasina get promoted to King's Mistress? Because that's what it looked like to me. Whoa.

Jack and Michelle's evil uncle (I can never remember his name, so he shall be Scar from now on) needs to DIAF ASAP, Y/Y?

David's mother is a moron, omg. I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for the woman. You'd think raising six boys on her own, she would have learned some diplomacy and idk, wisdom. Ugh.

I'm liking King Silas more and more. This worries me. I blame the amazing Ian McShane.

Also, NBC = Barrels of failsauce on a big honkin' pile of FAIL. >:|

House, 5x20: Simple Explanation

Aside the fact that Kal Penn > you, me, and everyone we know; that episode was a total disgrace. WTF. I don't even know if I want to keep watching at all. Lame!

D: D: D:

Chuck, 2x19: Chuck Versus The Dream Job

Best episode ever or BEST. EPISODE. EVER. ?????!

Seriously. *draws hearts around the whole show*

p.s. I cried!

Heroes, 3x22: Turn And Face The Strange

I loved this so much! I thought it was an awesomely paced, well-rounded episode, and it made me laugh and cry and it's easily now in my top 5 favorite episodes. :D

Everything to do with Matt Jr. is still making me beside myself with glee, lmao. Ando's face had me in gigglefits. Also that is the most adorable TV baby ever.

HRG and Sandra, omfg, is the part where my heart just broke. (Holy Emmy tape, Batman Coleman.) Well played, Sylar. Well played. I think that feat alone warrants lifelong membership in the Evil League of Evil, amirite?

Now, apparently I'm alone in thinking this, but Mohinder's whole soliloquy on the Icarus myth struck me as possibly quite eloquent a foreshadowing of things to come. If we make the short leap that "gods" = superabled people, then that would make Mohinder the proverbial Icarus, and I wonder if I should worry about his chances of survival. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, and the wing imagery is a direct reference to Nathan and his ilk - though to be honest that seems a little too obvious to me.

We shall see. Regardless, I think this whole Project Icarus thing has plenty potential to be fascinating, and I can't wait to see what Angela and her congeneres have been up to at Coyote Sands.

Lost, 5x12: Dead Is Dead

In short? OMGWTFBBQ!

Could this be the zombie season Darlton have been ~promising~ for years?

Aw, Cesar. Your accent was grating, but you could've been 2007's Crazy French Dick! :(


Also, Richard's eyelashes were possibly yet more legendary than ever before. *_*

Bones, 4x19: The Science In The Physicist

Oh, Bones. ♥ It gives me pause sometimes, having to stop and marvel at how incredibly cute it really is. *sighs*

Sweets secretly had a thing for Angela! LMAO, awww. No seriously, how much more adorable can this show even get? <3

I have no words for Booth and Brennan. The wall scene, omg!! And the sonic chamber or whatever, with the whale sounds and then the YELLING at each other, rofl <333 Gods. I can barely stand it, but I can never get enough. XD

In short? *squeeeeeeee* :P

The Office, 5x20 & 5x21: Dream Team & The Michael Scott Paper Company

LOL, I liked Vikram! And aww, it was kinda sad when even Michael's nan wouldn't invest in his company. I loved the part when he cheered Pam up.

I'm sorry if that's offensive, but did anyone else think Erin had a typical manga/anime face? LMAO, once I noticed, I couldn't unsee it. XD Andy and Dwight cracked me up with their music and song, lulz.

Last but not least: UGH, RYAN. Although, "this is from the sun" = lmao!

In other news, I'm meeting Jack Coleman tomorrow. What should I ask?
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