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Yes. Yes, this is spam indeed. What of it?

All of you need to watch this. I don't care if you've never seen or had any interest in seeing the show. Haha, I don't care if you're going, "wtf, what show?" YOU. NEED. TO. WATCH. THIS.

Best ten minutes of your day, y/y/mfy? You're welcome.

Unrelatedly, I forgot to mention this last night, but I read something in the latest Comic Book Resources Behind-The-Eclipse Q&A with Aron Eli Coleite and Joe Pokaski (two Heroes writers) that made me reeeally happy, if it's true. IMO, they have a persistent history of jerking the fans around in these interviews, shirking any relevant concerns or questions, and generally being dicks, so I don't know if I'd consider this a bonafide trufax spoiler, but I'll put it under a cut anyway.

Andie misses the rest of the Petrelli clan:

“I was just wondering if the fact that Nathan has two sons is ever going to be addressed on the show and if they will ever manifest abilities?”

Yes it will. And one will most certainly. But we can’t tell you [when].

To this I can only say: \O/ \O/ \O/

If it's true, I mean. Also it probably implies Nathan doesn't die ~for good~ until at least then, which in my book is also FTW.


Back to your regurlarly scheduled Sunday. :)
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