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Why, yes, this is indeed another all-TV post. I might have more substantial news (or whatever) around the weekend. Maybe?


Chuck, 2x16: Chuck Versus The Lethal Weapon

Morgan trying to repulse Anna = LAME. I rolled my eyes a lot. Also, I wish I still found Jeff funny. :(

Casey's characterization needs to be more consistent. Last week he was almost sympathetic(!) to Chuck's plight, this week he was all but rubbing Cole's ~superiority~ in his face. What the hell?

Having said that, I persist in thinking Cole was an excellent character and I wouldn't mind if he showed up again later.

But I didn't love him nearly as much as one Chuck Bartowski. omgs. *draws hearts* I'm glad he told Sarah how he felt - not that she didn't know, but I feel like he's sacrificing so much already, he should take better care of his heart. (lol, I'm so corny.) Also, "I'm gonna live the life I want with the girl I love" = <333333

Sarah's face when he says it = <\3

House, 5x17: The Social Contract

Dudes! Surprise awesomeness! :D

I won't lie, I was playing 'Bejeweled 2' and 'Scoops' and otherwise dispersing my attention when the episode began, because I just no longer expect to be truly wowed by this show anymore, but seriously. Wow. Of course upon checking the credits, I found out it was penned by Saint Doris Egan. That does not surprise me.

- HOUSE AND WILSON. (And if you didn't see that one coming... you're probably not reading this anyways XD)
- But seriously, WILSON!
- His little bitchfest about hating monster trucks, omg.
- His needing the lie ;_;
- House actually being nice to him in his own stupid screwed-up way!
- Cuddy being Cuddy again.
- Chase being... well, Chase being there is always a highlight! (And unf, Jesse. UNF! I'd hit that.)
- Taub and Kutner, lols.
- Taub lying to House and playing racketball in the morgue and triple-crossing Wilson. ROFL.
- KUTNER IS A HARRY POTTER NERD! lmao. How much more can I love him, I wonder?

- Didn't we already have a ~truth~-spewing patient before? Or was that just the kid from "The Jerk"? Anyway, didn't really feel fresh.

Heroes, 3x19: Shades Of Gray

My distaste for Doyle is as intense as ever, so, ugh times infinity on him coming back FROM DEATH, but I do enjoy Claire's storyline. Ultimately, I'm glad she chose to help that creep, but I'm even more pleased with how she grappled with the decision.

Sylar and his father having slight disagreements over whose life sucks more hardcore was also pretty well-done, all in all, and it yielded the already iconic "I'm not ~your apple~" line, so, automatic awesome. And I am definitely interested in how Samson's ~wisdom~ will affect Sylar's outlook, because, oh yes, you just know that shit ~got to him~, and ~got to him~ good. Heh. John Glover did a great job, btw.

Now, excuse me, ADRIAN PASDAR WHY ARE YOU SO HOTT WITH 2 T'S? IT'S FUCKING DISTRACTING! omfg. Anyway, basically everything he did in this episode was amazing and, yep, AWESOME. Even the questionable stuff like exiting via roof access in front of Danko (or randomly chewing on toothpicks). LOL WHO CARES? The way he talked to that bitch was hilarious. Like, Danko'd say "Good luck getting my people to turn on me," and Nathan would be like, "(long-suffering sigh) We'll see." And then Danko was like, "I'ma point a gun at you now and demand answers" and Nathan was like, "(long-suffering pause) I don't have time for this." HAHAHA!

So, remember when Monica and Rachel's TV was stuck on Spanish audio and Joey and Chandler were watching some telenovela, and shouting at some girl on it to push the other one down the stairs? "Push her down the stairs, push her down the stairs!!!" And then everyone cheered and clapped when, indeed, the girl pushed that other one down the stairs? That was me at the end, telling HRG to push Danko out the window. Alas! (HRG: needs more gray.)

Also, am I misinterpreting things completely, or have HRG and Angela been looking out for Nathan all along (~in their own way~, natch)? Because... that would be kind of ADORABLE. o_O

Talking of Angela, lmfaooo, she was CLEARLY on one of her 'off' days there, and it was AWESOME how much pwnage she can steal unleash on the world even as she's just returning from a sock shoplifting adventure. 'Poor' Danko (I use the term very loosely) was getting pwned left, right, and center this week.

Also rocking? Rebel. I love that little dude. So much epic win. So, so much. Hee!

AND. MATT PARKMAN JR., OMG! I am so happy about this, it borders on unreasonable. On behalf of Matt, I felt completely cheated when Volume 2 would have us believe he wasn't the father of Janice's baby. (How failsome for a Volume called "Generations" not to explore our characters' children, anyways? A lot of failsome, with failsauce all over it.) So I'm genuinely stoked to see the seeds of that plot point come to fruition. If on top of the cherry on top, this could lead to other characters' kids' future being in question *coughSimonandMontycough*, I would pretty much hand my soul over, with a shiny certificate and all, to the writers. (Well, I do enjoy my soul, so it's a win-win really.) Anyway, there is also the fact that Hiro + Ando + baby = cuteness overload. Awwz.

The last shot of the episode, I'm not gonna lie, had me squealing with joy. So sue me. I'm pretty sure I also flailed a lot and maybe even clapped. OVERDUE PAIR-UP MUCH, SHOW? <33 (And, lawd, I don't mean that way.) It also amuses me greatly to imagine the moments leading up to it: Nathan knocks on the window just after Claire gets Micah's Rebel's text, he's like "c'mon, jump out!" and Claire obviously just ROLLS. HER. EYES. in that typical "what the hale" expression. Idk why but it makes me LOL a lot. XD

Last but not least: R.I.P. rabbit! :o

I can't believe NBC is making us wait 2 weeks. *shakes fist* Grr!

p.s.: in case you missed that post, the polls for this episode are right here. :)
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