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Aaaaah, lately TV is all I ever make time to post about anymore! I mean, the news aren't many:

- I have yet another cold at the moment, so, meh.
- My fandom ~~secret~~ was finally posted yesterday! XD (#130, obviously.)
- Depending on the future of my employment here, I may or may not be going to the Jules Verne Festival Lost event. Darlton are gonna be there, and it will be legendepic, and I hope I can go omg!

Hopefully I'll have a more substantial post one of these days. In the meantime, TV!

Heroes, 3x18: Exposed

LYLE!!! He lives. The Claire and Alex shenanigans were kind of hilarious, and once again Sandra proves she is at least as awesome as her morally gray husband. Also, LOL @ Mr. Muggles and the sandwich. XD All in all, I really liked Alex and wouldn't mind seeing him again. And I thought Claire had a couple of awesome lines! I'm gonna be so sad if/when Noah and Sandra actually divorce. ;_;

... because I love HRG, "warts and all". I kind of adore how he subtly dialled up Nathan's ambivalence by personally threatening Peter's safety. Gods, that was so awesome. I think it's so great that he realizes just how important Peter is to Nathan and plays on it so surely.

And sure enough, Nathan fleeeeeew to Peter's rescue, omfgyay! I totally cheered, hee. And then they broke my heart again, what with Peter literally CRYING as he asks Nathan why he's doing what he's doing, and oh lawd. My heart. It weeps. "Bye, Nathan." kHALKJ;K!!1! <\3

Elsewhere, Angela says she'll never betray Nathan. Nathan makes a "Wat. You and I must not have the same definition of ~betray~. Anyway..." face. I almost choke on my lulz. No, seriously, go back to that scene. It's fucking hilarious. XD

Also loved the Matt and Peter stuff. To see Peter enjoying Matt's ability so much was nothing short of jubilatory. In the same category, Matt's 'SUP BITCHEZ nod to the Building 26 surveillance cameras. I approve.

Was this the last we saw of Luke? I'd be happy to think so. He's so emo and clingy, it's almost enough to make Sylar seem nonchalant. YOU KNOW THAT'S A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT. Ugh. Anyhow! The Sylar stuff, I guess is pretty solid, except that THEY COMPLETELY MESSED UP HIS AGE! (The capslock is to give you an idea of my rage.) Now, I'd like to hear from the long-time "Peter & Sylar = twins!" theorists here. My canon recollection is a little rusty as far as Sylar's established age is concerned - was there ever any indication that he could, in fact, BE THIRTY-FUCKING-FOUR YEARS OLD? (I'm around kids all day and, I don't care what the casting call says, I am pretty damn sure 1980 Gabriel was at least 5.) Aside from that, I'm rather liking the storyline, though I'm not sure I'm entirely on-board with the victimization of Sylar.

I still 100% believe Rebel is Micah, and I can't really figure out why he would want Doyle saved. I'm guessing it's a radical, "leave no mutant behind" type of thing where he won't allow himself to judge who does or doesn't deserve his help, but even then, mustn't there be heaps of other people who could use a hand in escaping Danko's craziness? (I guess my profound distaste for the Doyle character just won't let me accept that, lulz, the Heroes people liked the actor and character so much that they just had to bring him back.)

Anyway, talking of Danko's craziness, the guy is certifiably mental! :o Sucks to be Matt right now.

In conclusion: I can has new episode tiems nao?

Chuck, 2x15: Chuck Versus The Beefcake


I... kind of like the whole Cole/Sarah thing? (omg don't hurt me, Heather! :p) I just hate that Chuck puts himself through so much heartache for nothing. I mean, I wish I could see a happy ending for he and Sarah, but though I know when the show ends (IN VERY MANY SEASONS!) they'll probably get one, at the moment I just don't see how Chuck's puppy love is doing him any favors.

Good cliffhanger! I hope Cole doesn't turn out to have been a triple-crossing bastard. XD Also, this is totally random but I think I could definitely live with seeing Bryce again anytime. Preferably soon. :D (And when he next appears, it'd be nice to see some more BFF-ness between him and Chuck.)

Lost, 5x08: LaFleur


Feel free to call me a miscreant, but I am totally aboard USS Jim/Juliet and don't see myself changing ships any time soon. You know why? Because they've known each other for over THREE YEARS. That's eight and a half times as long as Kate and Sawyer have known each other. So, my point is, they know each other, and I can actually buy that they fell in love over time. And they are ADORABLE together, can't forget that.

And that's the main thing I have to say about this episode, lmao. Everything else in it was awesome too. Especially Richard. <3

The Office, 5x16: Blood Drive

'Twas an okay episode. I wasn't blown away or anything, but it was all right. And I hope Oscar joins Andy on one of his honeymoons.

ER, 15x18: What We Do

lolyeah, so I watched ER again for the first time since Luka and Abby's wedding episode. Lulz.

So, anyway, I know he's not the same Carter (and omg, how sad is it that they all call him "Dr. Carter" or "John" now? It's supposed to be just CARTER!!! ;_;) and they made him this ~old sage~ constantly dispensing ~invaluable wisdom~ (which, I'm sorry, but LMAO) but I swear to gods if those bastards kill him, I will go postal. As in, actually write and stamp a very angry and bitter letter, and find an address to mail it to. >:|

Neela's Aussie boy is a cutie. I like that he and Morris are BFF. But is there any chance at all for Ray to come back again? lols.

Morris and his gf = I cried, not gonna lie. Damn you, ER!

The whole "srs bsns ER documentary!" thing has been done before, on this show, TWICE already (1x08 + 4x01), so I think that was kind of lame, but whatever.

Also, obviously I can see the Sam/Uncle Jesse pairing coming from a mile away, but I don't mind too much. Mostly because I don't know them enough to care. XD 'Cause yeah, most of the people now on the show, I have not a clue about. Heh.

Anyway. More importantly: omgomgomgomgomgogmgomgomgomg want next episode so much omgomgomgomgomg! I think I'm gonna implode from fangirly glee. :DDD

Battlestar Galactica, 4x18: Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

How gorgeous are the episode titles for this show? I ask you. How gorgeous? <3333

This is going to be mostly or entirely superficial because the show is breaking my soul so much. omfg. <\3

"LISTEN TO ME FOR ONE GODSDAMN MINUTE!" Oh, Lee. Lee and his crazy hair. Defending Galactica's honor. Sigh. Why so hawt?

Oh gods, Gaius/"Caprica" Six? I still ship it. Like burning. ;_; <3333

Ummmm, so did they cut a scene where Chief was put in the brig, lynched and/or airlocked? Did I miss something? It seems like after last episode, they should address the Chief situation, doesn't it?

Oh Boomer, what have you done? All of her scenes were so goddamn sad, too. :( Poor Hera. And HELO AND ATHENA OMFG. <\3 <\3 <\3

zomg, for a second I thought Kara was gonna kill herself, à la Dee! :o But frak, that moment with Lee! I was drawing hearts in the air. So sue me. The lighting of their faces was just... Well, I thought it was especially gorgeous! <3 And aww, "I'm here. You're here. It's all that matters." ahALJ;K! Epic.

As for Sam: o___O I think it's kind of cool how he's all Hybrid-like, but I miss "Kara's Sam" too. :( Wake uuuuup! ;_;

Also, Bill Adama made me bawl like a baby again. omg, EJO, stop it! ;_;

Tigh being all "frak ~our people~! The people here are my homies!" to Ellen was also made of win. You tell her, Saul!

Last but not least, I don't even want to think how emotional that funeral scene must have been for everyone involved to shoot, with Adama's trademark "So Say We All". Oh my gods!
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