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At last(!), my thoughts on this past week's TV. XD

How I Met Your Mother, 5x02: Double Date

LMAO @ Marshall's fantasies. LMAO @ the doppelgängers. Meh at everything else?

House, 6x03: Epic Fail

The video game sequences (and the patient himself) were pretty annoying, but the rest of the episode was pretty much made of win.

I think it's great they've kept House's shrink around. I fully expected him to be a one-time throwaway character, so it was a nice surprise. I like him, too.

The title of the episode obviously referred to Foreman, who wasn't much successful at handling House's old job. Firing his girlfriend, for reals? Not on.

Anyway, most of that is trivial at the end of the day because House and Wilson are roomies again, and all is right with the world. :P And LOL at House getting a dog to pee in Wilson's toilet. And Wilson breaking said toilet. Haaahahaha. <3

Melrose Place, 1x04: Vine

Finally! The pace picks up at last. I was growing a little tired of SydneySydneySydney, omg flashback you guise, SydneySydneySydney, rinse and repeat.

Jane returns this week after a personality transplant (maybe the Andrews girls got them buy one, get one free), but hey, as long as the plot gets moving, whatever. I hope she and Michael meet again at some point, heh.

In other news, David is still a moron, Ella is still the most entertaining thing about this show, and Jonah is becoming more and more tolerable. Violet is still crazy, which is good for the lulz, Loren's storyline was predictable, and I still want Riley to drive off a cliff somewhere.

... And I still ended up liking this episode best of them all so far, LOL.

The Good Wife, 1x02: Stripped

Another great episode! I didn't mention it last week, but love Kalinda, she's awesome. :D

Poor Florrick kids, though. I don't want to believe Peter is completely innocent, though. Of course his children would hope against all odds that he was framed, and Zach kind of broke my heart looking for clues on the pictures.

On the other hand, the ~recording Alicia was listening to at the end could very well have been spliced together, as Peter's lines alone wouldn't necessarily imply a sexual encounter if taken out of context. Ugh.

I love Will (Josh Charles ♥) but surprisingly, I do not particularly ship him with Alicia. I feel that would totally cheapen her character/the show. But Will is fantastic and I'm a big fan of their friendship.

Still don't know what's up with Cary. You'd think he'd have more prominent a part, what with Matt Czuchry being credited second. Maybe later?

Hee. I has a new ~courtroom drama~ ^^

Glee, 1x05: The Rhodes Not Taken

Oh man, how awesome was Kristin Chenoweth? April was RIDICULOUS, lmao.

I loved Finn knowingly manipulating Rachel. After he first suggested they rehearse together, he had this look on his face like "oh shit, I'm an asshole." And then he kind of got caught up in the whole thing, lololol.

I also LOVED Emma being the voice of reason to Will. I find it so cool that we're shown everyone's biggest flaws right away, Will's being a predisposition for self-centeredness. Not that his little crush, or the remnants thereof, weren't cute as hell, but yeah, April was a tad too... extravagant. XD

And! Quinn and Finn's secret is out, oooooh! Poor Rachel, heh. I don't care, I still love Puck.

(And in case people missed it, a couple days ago, Mark Salling tweeted the link to a Puck/Kurt fanvid at Chris Colfer, with the words "they're onto us." LMAO.)

Episode needed more Sue, but I was singing "Somebody To Love" and "Alone" all day yesterday, so I can't even pretend like I didn't enjoy every second of it. XD

Bones, 5x03: The Plain in the Prodigy

The case was so sad, but it's also nice that we were allowed to sympathize with the victim's family.

"I like it. It's Boothy." <3

LMAO with Clark and clueless Brennan, Clark and aggressive Angela... Oh, Clark. See, I can never pick a favorite intern. I adore Wendell and Clark and Fisher, and even Vincent Nigel-Murray.

Michelle looks EERILY like Cam now, omfg. This would be amazing if the characters were supposed to be related. XD Anyhow, ~Uncle Booth~ was A+, haha.

Also, Sweets playing the theme to Titanic? lmfao, I love him. Way to pwn Hodgins, too. Lulz.

I really enjoyed this episode a lot, even if the last part felt a little bit like they had all this stuff to cram into 3 minutes there at the end. The Booth voiceover kind of threw me, lol.

FlashForward, 1x02: White To Play

(I've seen the premise of this described as "Shakespeare & Sulu Solve Mysteries" and it will not. leave. my. brain. LMFAO!)

I was possibly more impressed with this than I was with the pilot. And I really liked the pilot.

The whole doll warehouse thing was creepy as fuck. o_O I like it. Sucks about that no-vision dead agent, though.

I now officially love Demetri, by the by. FML. Hahaha, naturally I would like to believe he's going to live despite his lack of flashforward, but I'm pretty sure the writers are gonna pull a double-surprise on this one, i.e. HAY GUYS LOOK HE LIVES and then, bam! Bussed, or something. LOL. And it's surely to their credit, I mean it would probably feel like a cop out if he was saved last minute. And I know what to expect! It's not like the Star Trek XII shoot will wait, heh. XD

I also quite like Mark and Olivia's relationship. They're not on the brink of divorce yet, but Mark's fixation on his vision just might be what gets them there. Sad and fascinating, like a trainwreck.

And the children. They intrigue me.

Also, Bryce is still all sorts of adorable. *adds Knighton to list of 'Zacharys of Interest'*

LMAO @ Wedeck's blackout true story. LMAO FOREVER. I love that guy.

I love getting all these different perspectives, people who want the visions to come true, people who don't, people who believe it's all for a reason, etc. It's such a trip. Demetri and Janis sharing their visions on the Mosaic didn't even feel like a shameless plug for the website!

Can't wait for next week.

Supernatural, 5x04: The End


I really don't know what else to say, lol.

I think Jensen Ackles did an amazing job at portraying his usual character and the very same guy five apocalyptic years down the road. He kind of blew me away, you guise.

(I only wish that in Dean's last scene with Zachariah, his tears hadn't already dried. Minor nitpick.)

Castiel was beyond precious on his random roadside ("the voice says I'm almost out of minutes" AND THE WAITING, lmao), future!Cas was simultaneously hilarious and crushing, and future!Dean was... idek. A righteous and cold bastard but... we know exactly how he got there. ;_;

I should imagine the boys being back together won't stop chaos unraveling everywhere; but I'm still glad Dean called Sam.

I love this show so much I don't even have words to say it.

Fringe, 2x03: Fracture

Needs more fake!Charlie and Nina Sharp.

To be honest, all of this Olivia/bowling alley guy thing is kinda boring to me. I'm glad she's starting to remember stuff, but I'm finding the ~therapy part of it a bit annoying.

It was good seeing Peter back in Iraq, with Olivia, on a case.

My favorite part remains Walter, he's the greatest. :D

The Office, 6x03: The Promotion

lol, I get people getting "ick-nast!"-type reactions to Jim turning more and more into Michael, I really do, but I've seen it coming for a while and, not gonna lie, I'm loving it. I think it's more honest of the writers to go there, than try to come up with new ways for Jim to be unbelievably fantastic. (And I mean that 'unbelievably' quite literally.)

"OH LOOK! MRS. PAM HALPERT!" <3 That was my favorite bit, Pam's excitement was so adorable. :D

I also loved Jim bluntly speaking his mind to Michael, and then gaining a new appreciation for what he does. And Michael getting him a mug was so in-character and sweet. Aw.

And now, off I go in search of good quality Supernatural screencaps and easy Photoshop tutorials. Oh dear.

Date: 2009-10-03 10:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] comeon-eileen.livejournal.com
Re: HIMYM, lolz. I knew Lily was going to be all into the strippers. Silly Marshall and his elaborate fantasies!

Re: Supernatural. Oh, Castiel! I expected to be COMPLETELY distracted by Hippie!Gaius!Cas, but instead by love was stolen early on by Castiel's stern 'This isn't funny, Dean. The voice is telling me the minutes are almost up.' And then he waits for him in the exact spot he was standing in. Hee!

Re: The Office. It continues to amaze me how Jim is TOTALLY turning into Michael. Ever since that conversation they had a couple of seasons back where Michael was like, I haven't always been like this... TOTALLY HAPPENING.

Re: Bones, omg. Uncle Booth was LOVE. And Sweets is ALWAYS love.

Date: 2009-10-04 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gossy16.livejournal.com
Castiel the angel is just so adorably inept for this world. Never change, indeed. ♥



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