Nov. 3rd, 2009

LOL, okay, so I was on Adrian's youtube page because I wanted to embed one of his videos into this more light-hearted post, and I saw that he posted a message a little under an hour ago! This is what it says:

I won't say anything. Yet. Other than that the last four years have been wonderful and ALL the folks that go into making HEROES have treated me professionally and with respect. I am still under contract to NBC/Universal, and will remain so until the end of season 4. On another note, I spent today with Masi Oka at Universal Studios, on the lot, and we had some fun behind the scenes at the Jaws attraction on the Tour... I'll post it in a bit. All I had was my iPhone, so the quality might not be as decent and you're used to... Stay Tuned!

Awesome or awesome? I say AWESOME.

And yeah, a lot of stuff doesn't add up and I can't wait until he can talk (lolol no lie, that "Yet." is my favorite part in his note), and maybe this is all but a storm in a teacup and next week we'll feel like total morons, but probably not. The storm has been coming a while. The more I learn, the more I'm convinced the Heroes management treats its people like crap, and that's just foul.

But back to my original sentiment, here's the treasure I wished to remind us all of:


And below the cut is a poll about what roles you think Pasdar should go for next, because clearly we can't be without his fantastic self on our screens for too long, can we?

[Poll #1480419]

Last but not least, here's a humorous article courtesy of on the many falls of Nathan Petrelli. (Thanks, [ profile] kelleah.)

Right, and there was a new episode of Heroes on last night. I shall review it later, and probably finish the season too because a) I am that clingy, and b) we haven't seen the last of Adrian yet. Also did I mention my clinginess? I'll keep the gratuitous hate to a minimum though, promise.

ETA: What should Adrian Pasdar's next project be? It's like they read my mind. ;)



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