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Polls later tonight, as usual.
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This was me being very succint, if it wasn't obvious enough. ;D Heroes polls will hopefully go up later tonight.
Hee! I have a bajillion of your reaction posts opened in different tabs, I'll get to them right after I get mine down, untainted by exterior perception. (Lol, it's not you. It's me.)

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I'll try and have polls up tonight. Should I make two separate posts, or should I smish them together? Weigh in!
'kay, update is a long time coming, I have memes and stuffs to post, but the saddening amount of Bones love on the f-list has advanced my TV thoughts recap thing that I intended to post later with the rest. :p

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Unrelatedly... SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT OMG! This is an awesome week for TV, clearly.

And also, I'm kind of going on awesome-overload with all the Heroes stuff that's been popping up. Those guys at NBC/Universal sure know how to work up the hype. LMAO @ the "Who Shot Nathan Petrelli?" promo they just released, that was fantastic lulz. XD ETCETERA. I won't have time to commentate it all. I just love everything ever about this show, pretty much. Yay!

I'll try and make a proper entry tonight. Maybe.
Okay, I know I suck at updating, and this won't even be the overdue substantial post you're all dying to see (heh) but I have to express some degree of squee over THIS! ) XD ♥

So what have we learned here? Heroes is awesome, Pasdar is awesome, and I am an accomplished stalker. So, really, nothing new. But I just had to share. ;D

Also, [livejournal.com profile] skypiratekella is motivating me to write awesome fic and I'm very excited about it. Yay! :D

ETA: Video! We has one two! \o/

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OMGLOL. They "kill" me. ;D ;D
LOOKIT WHAT I CAN CROSS OFF MY LIST OF HEROES THINGS TO POST! \O/ \O/ I started this in December, lulz. But then I left it alone for months, so... heh. Also, lulz for doing this on a Thursday night when everyone in their right mind is watching TV. XD (Or, actually? Friday morning, 5AM. *facepalm*) Aaaaaanywayz!

Title: Five People Who Never Shot Nathan Petrelli (Until Further Evidence To The Contrary)
Author: Adeline ([livejournal.com profile] gossy16)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: probably just what the title says, y/n? ;D
Word count: 1,000 (It's just a happy accident! ^^ )
Spoilers: None beyond Volume 2.
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes. Yet.

( "they come snapping at your wheels" )

Uncut and public because love should be free. XD




Both pics courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] mata090680, via [livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle. You rock my world!
Last day of con reporting. ;_;

But how was my week, between then and now? Rather uneventful, to be honest. I bought a stationary bike, which I think I may have mentioned before? Am still waiting for the delivery. Did I mention David and Clémence are repatriating at the end of the month week? They're having trouble conceiving, and medical attention isn't as readily available in Djibouti. My parents have been apartment hunting, and mom finally found a decent place for them in town, so that's good. Side observation of random: holy manatee, I did not see the month of March whoosh by. I wonder why, heh.

I hope every one who celebrates it had a pleasant Easter weekend. We actually went to the Tex-Mex restaurant we like for lunch. Was good. And all day long yesterday, I kept cracking up with every bite of chocolate I had, because it made me think of Cristine Rose. *facepalm* "Overdose of chocolate."

And whilst I'm being somewhat random, I so need a new mp3 player. Mine is literally falling apart. I actually have to use a clothes pin to hold it together. It's very stylish, as you can probably imagine. I'll probably get me an iPod one of these days, although it absolutely cannot claim a priority spot on my budget. I'll just make-do with my yellow plastic peg in the mean time, heh.

But back to Eclipse, for the last time until November: Sunday, March 16th )

And I've decided that some way, somehow, I will definitely be going to Eclipse 2. If the guest lineup is half as good as this one was, it will be a total blast.
More convention reportings. Beware of the tl;dr.

Saturday, March 15th )
It was a week ago already, that the grand madness started. I wanna go back, omg. In fact, I kind of have booked a room in Northampton for the Eclipse 2 dates already. The hotel convention is ALREADY FULL, by the way. Yes, for serious. The event is still eight months away. Who was it that first said this fandom is batshit insane? Can't argue that.

But that's a long way away, let's retrace the first Eclipse. Right. Let's go back to the start.

And THAT was a good Friday. )

Now, re:Lost. OMGWTFBBQ! This show is as insane as ever. And I love it. o_O
I'm leaving in about 4 hours now and still have presents to wrap, but I had to make a post for these... young!Pasdar-shaped parting gifts!

view before shower if possible )

...I'll be in my bunk, kthxbai.
I'm gonna need a couple more moments on the polls, because for now all I have is ZOMG WHO SHOT J.R. OMG?!!?, but in the meantime have some scattered thoughts on the episode. I went scene by scene this week - no brainpower left for synthesis or coherence.

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@ [livejournal.com profile] dontburnhot's

= awesomesauce.

And talking of fandom, strangely, it's not so much the spoilers that are difficult to resist, but all the excitement of educated speculation. 5 days! I can totally do it. And then I'll go back and read everyone's spoiler-squee posts. XD

Also, I'm sort of going into 'omg term paper due in 40 hours' panic mode tonight, so if you don't see me around until Friday afternoon, that'd be why.
Oh, my squee! Heroes Unmasked is freaking awesome. Ever since season 2 started, I've been neglecting those gems from the BBC, figuring I'd get to them later. But after a nudge in the right direction (ty! ♥), I finally rediscovered those little treasures and omg. Fangirlville.

[livejournal.com profile] canadian_turtle wanted a screencap of this, so...

Zachary and Noah.

+ 10 more reasons to watch this cute little series of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews )
So, Heroes )

Polls will follow in a couple of hours.
Reason #983689 why I love the Heroes cast* So Damn Much:

look here if you dare )


Activism ftw.

On a shallower note, I wonder how long it will take fandom to manip those signs into pleas for, uh, a different cause. *cough*

If anyone was newly-inspired by these and wants to find out more about the strike and what we as fans can do, join [livejournal.com profile] wga_supporters now. Don't wait.

* casts from plenty of shows went out picketing, I just focus on my OTF.
So, I was going to collect my thoughts on the latest Heroes episode, and then the hottest Zachary Quinto video ever happened, making the simple process of stringing together cohesive sentences infinitely more difficult. I still tried.

As a preamble, I'd just like to state my love for Tim Kring and the producers on Heroes, who all seem like remarkable people in intelligence, thoughtfulness and talent. If that sounds gratuitous - blessed be, ye sheltered soul. I have joked in the Summer hiatus that, should certain characters *cough*Nathan*cough* not survive, I'd be hatin' on their bums for all time, but I was hardly serious and never malevolent.

The truth is, I admire Kring's excellence in crafting these stories and characters that I have instantly felt involved in, no matter the various reactions brought out. To this day, in times of uncertainty about where this season is going, what the WGA strike means for the show, how it's going to affect stories and storytelling, etc. I uphold that opinion maybe now more than ever. I trust that there are people in command who love Heroes just as much as we do, if not more, and will always do their hardest to make it the best that they earnestly can. Sometimes, that means bold choices, taking chances that don't go over too well with the broad audience. Tough. I am just thankful that they are still taking them, and I hope creative licence never gets taken away for the sake of playing-it-safe, fan pandering or superfluous ratings stunts.

I would have been okay with Nathan dying in How To Stop An Exploding Man. It's hard for me to explain or justify, because he is my favorite character, other than to say it would have made sense within the story. I'm glad the writers eventually went a different route, and I hope we get to enjoy the character for many seasons to come, but I would have understood it and supported it. Not out of blind love - but because I could see the reasons for it and the richness of the ideas behind, both of which things are key to my enjoyment of any form of writing.

And that concludes my sappy moment. ;) I'll now get to the episode. (Rock on, writers! ilu.)

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If you're looking for polls, [livejournal.com profile] stealyourmind has started one here, and I hope to be posting mine later today/tonight. :)



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